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    By MADianito
    May 9, '12 2:03 AM EST

    I just saw urbanized...well im still kind of watching it (and i will need to watch it again), one of top moments (there's plenty of nice ideas thrown along the film) is Koolhaas criticizing the "competition" system, kind of saying architects are f*cking up architects... and worst moment? Foster with his omniarchitect pose thinking against some printouts and sketching on tjem while his voice is talking about how technology can optimize human life.... that was so pathetic... anyway, if you haven't seen it, and you read this website and/or blog, go to >>   and watch it!!

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    • mconaway

      thanks! its true - lots of interesting ideas! and it was cool to see how elemental chile has developed from their original project but with the same ideas, e. peñalosa, j. corner university project making a graph in the street to make people more conscious of their electricity consumption ... 

      Aug 27, 12 1:58 am  · 

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