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    EPIC 2014

    By MADianito
    Jan 18, '05 5:59 AM EST

    After reading this last two books last term:

    - The society of mind (by Marvin Minsky)
    - Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (by Steven Johnson)

    and being totally inside of the whole thing about future of networks, and new generation intelligence and stuff like that, this link a good friend of mind gave me yestreday was a very entretaining thing to watch... i totally recomend it:

    EPIC 2014


    • bigness

      very nice link, thanks!

      Jan 18, 05 11:39 am  · 


      Jan 18, 05 12:28 pm  · 

      We all want to predict the fall of Microsoft, huh? :)

      Jan 23, 05 4:32 pm  · 

      I recommend it..


      Office Chairs, Computer Desks

      Jun 21, 12 2:49 am  · 

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