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    Manuel Gausa

    By MADianito
    Oct 6, '04 10:18 AM EST

    So, between moving to my new appment here (on the first placed i stayed i was right next to Enric Miralles Diagonal Mar park, and now in my window is the AGBAR tower by Nouvel, BCN is totally archi-wise), getting bank accounts, buying new mobile phone etc., i still have to attend classes (haha), so last night we had a lecture with Manuel Gausa (fromer director of QUADERNS magazine), funny guy, he thinks/talks too much so sometimes gets desperate with english and starts talking in spanish and after a couple of words he goes back to english (well funny for me cause i still understand, but pretty much all talk at least basic spanish in the master, so i think no one is missing anything) and here are a couple of the ideas that he said that are still inside my mind:

    - The organism known as "the hypercity", has different layers of information, physically the city is not "conected" anymore as we use to knew, now it is a network of cities, a TERRITORY

    - In an "informal order" what u do is just increase the options of change of a certain "order" certain system.

    - The METAPOLIS is the multiplication of realities, the MULTIplaces

    - Information is anything that has the capacity to change something (as quoted from someone else by Gausa)

    - A lot of conflicts in a city just creates a lot of possibilities of action

    - The tourists are the best example of the infromality of cities, perfect example of an ephemeral occupation of certain "territory"

    - We live now in an impure order, something the modernism caouldn't accept, and we now have to accept impurity in order to be able to understand our possibilities.

    anyway i promess i will post some pictures very soon...tonight i will fix my camera...

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