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    last post of the year [2/2]

    By MADianito
    Dec 23, '04 10:08 AM EST
    *continues from my previous post


    (from lat. Diagramma = design)
    m. A geometric drawing that serves to demonstrate a proposition, resolve a problem or figure graphically the law of the variation of a phenomena. // 2. A drawing in which the relationship between the different parts of a system or group is shown.

    Dictionary of the Spanish language
    -Real academia española

    tree diagram analysis of the basic components (agents) who interact in an average generic city [by iaac researchers 2004]

    "...In a traditional society, if we ask a man to name his best friends and then ask each of these in turn to name their best friends, they will all name each other so that they form a closed group. A village is made up of a number of separate closed groups of this kind.

    But today's social structure is utterly different. If we ask a man to name his friends and then ask them in turn to name their friends, they will all name different people, very likely unknown to the first person; these people would again name others, and so on outwards. There are virtually no closed groups of people in modern society. The reality of today's social structure is thick with overlap - the systems of friends and acquaintances form a semilattice, not a tree."

    - ALEXANDER, Christopher: A city is not a tree

    *IMPORTANT: As i mentioned before this is just a small sample of everything we produced on studio this first trimester, since posting everything would be a huge post, i just posted what i had easier to transform to the BLOG format, hope i can show u more soon...

    Bon Nadal + Felic Any Nou
    Merry Christmas + Happy New Year
    Feliz Navidad + Feliz Año Nuevo

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    • Francisco David Boira

      bon nadal !!

      Dec 23, 04 6:10 pm  · 

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