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Sep '04 - May '12

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    almost final post

    By MADianito
    Sep 16, '05 12:29 PM EST

    so, somehow i would have to put a final point to this weblog that i enthusiastically started and, shame on me, is going to end not as energetic as it began.....

    so yeah i had finished my master course here at the IAAC (BCN), and im glad and thankfull to all the people who wrote comments on this weblog and/or my e.mail, also im happy to see that some ppl discovered thios program and got interested in it some of them even applied to... actually im curious to know who knew about it thru this, applied and now is coming next term...anyways someone also should replace me in this weblog from the school....

    mmhh ok so, i finished almost 2 months ago the master course, final presentation went great, the project (which i will explain further in a very soon post dedicated only to it) was located in Ljubljana (capital city of Slovenia) in a site known as the BTC city
    which is nothing more than a huuuge former military logistic zone bought by private capital and transformed into a huge mall... largest in eastern europe, so anyways, basically the proposal was to increase complexity of programs inthe BTC in order to transform it into a real city, the problem is that this site is located inside the city and really close to the core of it, which makes competition with the city center in terms of commerce, pedestrians, vivistors, tourist, etc

    (anyways as im promessing here i would dedicate one post strictly to it)

    other final projects of the year, involved sites in Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka (all of those, Croatia) and ours in Ljubljana, Slovenia...

    right now we r in the phaze of editing the soon to appear publication about the whole research we did along the year and which links the territorial mappings we didi as europe, eastern europe and finally croatia and slovenia to the final projects and problematics we found out and tried to give answer to...

    also in the exhibit phase, with an exhibition which just passed at Dubrovnik,and future ones to happen at Ljubljana, Split, Zagreb, Barcelona, Rijeka, Mexico (probably), etc

    so... funny how things turn out, but u start learning after finishing ur actual master course, which is how to promote ur architectural work in these times, shows, publications, etc...its interesting also... mmhh so yeah what else...i dunnno, i will try to post also images from teh projects in some pictures at the show at Dubrovnik last week...

    hypereurope panel

    ppl actually reading architectural drawings and representations

    more people showing interest, thanks to all of them

    see u soon ppl...

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    • Gonzalo Herrero Delicado

      MADianito por qué no hicistes blog este año? me he enganchado este año al school blog project, y he visto tu blog del pasado semestre, es una pena que no lo hayas hecho este año. Conocí esta semana a Vicente Guallart, Manuel Gausá y Willy Müller en un congreso, y la verdad me hubiera gustado saber como es su labor en el IAAC este curso, una lástima, para el próximo curso te quiero ver de nuevo en activo

      Nov 18, 06 5:55 am  · 

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