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    the 2mt houses + a competition

    By MADianito
    Jan 17, '05 7:46 AM EST

    So, here is the picture i have from Zacatecas Mexico where i found this kind of 2 meters houses that my fellow blogger from University of Plymouth, would be now dealing with in his studio.. what else???, i haven't seen the calendar by archinect but there's this new competition for a PUBLIC LIBRARY IN GUADALAJARA MEXICO that u might check out...i dunno exactly in the official website u can download the PDF brief, but i know u can download it in spanish in the ARQUINE magazine website...good luck

    and here's the 2mt houses (funny than in this small town they dont even have the problems of space that a big urban enviroment would have, i dunno what caused this houses size, maybe land/family troubles)



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      competition looks interesting. do you know if its in 2 phases [blind] or a portfolio selection based phase> its a UIA comp --thats good

      Jan 17, 05 10:20 am  · 

      TED i have no clue, the only link i have r both the official website (which sucks for the comp information) and the link from ARQUINE mag, and also the guy im working with now here in BCN received an e.mail from someone letting him know...but i dunno much...i actually wanted to give u guys the link in english but i couldn't find it... anyways...mexican competitions are always a mess in organization, haha!!

      Jan 17, 05 12:33 pm  · 

      its is a single stage competition, its suppose to be based more on the proposal than the portfolio, but still they ask for a professional CV in the application rules

      Jan 17, 05 1:04 pm  · 

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