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Sep '04 - May '12

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    the others

    By MADianito
    Sep 16, '04 3:42 PM EST

    So here are the other entries to the Mexican Pavillion @ ARCO Madrid '05 that the other teams sent...

    [*Images extracted from SPOT magazine # 17 July-August 2004]

    Mauricio Rocha: they were trying to express the essence and cultural contradictions od a country as México, oscilating between ideologic globalization and the 3rd world. The pavillion integrated a complex of exhibition modules and patios, emulating a "tianguis" (mexican street market)


    Rozana Montiel + Viviana Martinez: This proposal was also based in a "tianguis", with the carachteristic pink color of them (street markets)


    Alejandro Hernández: this proposal operated un der the concept of an "open site" and it procurated to avoid the notion of autonomus object, closed and finished. The structure was also based in the structure of the temporary stands at "tianguis"


    Juan Pablo Serrano: These project created an internal space, in a triangular plan, which defines 3 exterior zones: access, reunion, and a "beach". (the less interesting proposal if u ask me)


    Alvaro Morales + Miguel Echauri + Diego A. Vergara: It was supposed to be based in the fabrics, colorful textiles and "huipiles" of mexican textile tradition, but somehow it keeps reminding me of Toyo Ito @ serpentine gallery (London).....u have any clue why???


    Miguel A. Ronquillo: a pavillion which rejected to show objects, symbols or architectures of the country to represent the actual conditions of mexican art. They created a fractal landscape that experimented with topographies. 4 elements defined the proposal: celular resine walls, steel screens and cubes, a rigid foam plattform, and a "ribbon" which delimitated the internal furniture of the pavillion (this was one of the most interesting experimental submissions to the competition, at leats for me, too bad i dont have better images of it)


    Alejandro Cortes + Jihei Aoki: This is the winning project, a piece they said sintetized the principal icons of prehispanic mexican culture (cliches for me). Consisted of a 3 level building, a inclined plane (talud), and a vegetal wall showing the geographical diversity of the country.


    * the jury for this competition consisted of:

    . X av i e r G u z m á n: Director of the Architecture and conservation of the architectural patrimony of INBA, Mexico
    Gerardo Mingo, Madrid.
    Juan José Echeverría, Madrid.
    Juan Carrete, Madrid.
    Manuel Sarti, ARCO, Madrid.
    Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Director of ARCO, Madrid.
    Carlos Ashida + Julián Zugazagoitia, curators of mexican ARCO expo, Mexico
    Teodoro González de León, architect, Mexico.
    Ricardo Legorreta, architect, Mexico.
    Alberto Kalach, architect, Mexico.
    Enrique Norten, architect, Mexico.
    Miguel Fisac, architect, Madrid.
    Antonio Corrales, architect, Madrid.
    Pablo Berzal and David Pastor, technical coordinators of the competition.


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      hmmm, er. Is that the best they could do?

      I vote you win,

      Sep 16, 04 9:59 pm  · 

      lol...thanx...and yeah we (my team which we were representing Rojkind arquitectos) were also very dissapointed with the submissions of the other teams...they stayed in a conceptual stages that were pretty obvious...we actually thought of the whole tianguis thing like the 2nd day of working on the competition, but we throwed it away since it was very obvious and weak... but anyways...some say for a good competition u also need a good jury... and mmhhh with the respect they deserve but...those "sacred cows" of mexican architecture are long way expired.

      Sep 17, 04 1:17 am  · 

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