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    By MADianito
    Apr 26, '05 9:06 AM EST

    ok so, the bad side of being a blogger (or maybe good) is that as any diary u dont write when u dont feel like, but then u add the days u have no time, the days u dont feel like u have something interesting to say, etc., so u stop at some point, hehehehehe, no actually im not going to pull out the so-known phrase here "im sorry for being a terrible blogger" cause im actually not, hahaha, see, blogs is like life itself, so, trust me i also spend days out here without talking to no one...i dont know we all need our introspective weeks no???

    hehehehe anyways, just wanted to tell u im not dead and to warn u that maybe very soon ill would be trying to catch up w/this and explain u what the heck i've been doing lately...

    (ok and also partly cause my mom, she is a very asidious reader of this BLOG, and she says now she doesnt know what the hell i've been doin lately, HI MOM!!! )

    ok so....

    more to come fellows, see u around...

    OH!! before anything??? The Rotterdam Biennale opens on May 27, go to see it, work by us at the IAAC master would be displayed there adressing topics of the mediterranean coast and the impact of tourism in landscape/territories/developments....

    should i include links or images??? naaahhh this was too much already, better luck next time... :)


    • chripap

      also warried that you gave up with the blog, because I am a regular too... Keep on! We expect news from your research there at IaaC soon..

      Apr 28, 05 11:14 am  · 

      how come there's no red dot over Catalunya in the School Blog Project main map?:

      May 3, 05 3:35 pm  · 

      Ive been accepted to the IAAC,but im quite bothered by the comment of was it so far?

      Jun 7, 05 2:32 am  · 

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