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    already in rythm

    By MADianito
    Jan 14, '05 10:22 AM EST

    So, as u might know we had been having activity in this part of the world for 2 weeks already, and is reaching lately one of it early peaks of activity (intellectual mostly).

    Starting yesterday with a lecture at "colegio de arquitectos" by Josep Luis Mateo, and also a lecture and exhibition opening (of the work he had developed at his teaching studio at the ETSAM, in Madrid) by Iñaki Abalos (Abalos + Herreros). Of course the lecture by Abalos more interesting and funny than the one by Mateo who as good catalan took everything more seriously....also i like the ability in an architect (as in Abalos + Herreros) to criticize himself and accept sometimes that they where just doing something for fun, or did something by accident, or even that their solution was not the most proper one (but at the end they work), i dont know i always appreciate from big names in architecture a bit of self-cristiscism...

    Also today, actvities in the studio of IAAC continued with a "pinup" of our urban proposals for Tarragona re-development project, with the assistance, guidance and tutoring of Jose Miguel Iribas (a spanish sociologist which is a very influating person in everything urban development matter in Europe the last year, and that have worked with people of the size of the most admired -by some @ archinect- Jean Nouvel in some large urban projects).

    The pressence of Iribas is helping a lot to the development of ideas by the researchers here in the master program, and is also an enrichment experience by someone who have clear in his head what kind of specific "agents" and actions have to get consider in order to have a succesfull project.

    (im saying "is helping" cause im posting between a lunch break we had from the studio session which will go on the rest of the day)

    And then by 20:00 hrs Aaron Betsky will come to give a lecture named so far FALSE FLAT (as his last book: FALSE FLAT: why dutch design is so good) so, lets see how much aaron can talk us about the "good dutch design" that he says them have....

    (with a weather like that maybe u dont have to much options for not getting concentrated at work)

    anyways, gotta get back to session with Iribas, and i will comment on Aaron's lecture maybe tomorrow or someday, or maybe not, who knows...


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