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Sep '04 - May '12

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    lectures, mexicans, drinks n a lot to do...

    By MADianito
    Feb 23, '05 7:21 AM EST

    ok catching up with all the crazy ppl that posted last weekend to avoid being tagged as "abandon blog" i will take some time to tell u what i been up to:

    is funny that i sometimes complain about Barcelona lack of "activity" but at the end i always found myself full of stuff to do, watch n do....

    all started last wednesday when i received an email/invitation for the opening of a week dedicated to mexican contemporary art at Barcelona, a few known names popped out in the text so i decided to check them out (since i know personally a few of them it was a good chance to say hi and hear some "mexican spanish"), opening night at some gallery in the top floor of n former industrial building just around Meier's MACBA, after climbing up 5 taaaaall floors got there just to find it was fuuuuuuull of co.nationals, some video/short movie was being showed and then the director commented it, but ill preffered to stay at the back closer to the bar n the coronita's...

    diagram on how the site looked n functioned

    mmhhh after that "nuevos ricos" (funny guys) presented their record label n dj'ed some music.....

    so i got out n better went to have dinner to a mexican restaurant with the canadian Potvin girl

    This is how a Canadian looks @ a mexican restaurant in Barcelona...pretty damn globallity

    then thursday went first to see the presentation of a project which will involve a show with artists n young architects of the north of mexico (called: NORTE CONTEMPORANEO)where ppl from Tercerunquinto art collective speaked...

    2 of the ppl of tercerunquinto

    And also where the friendly TOROLAB was going to speak at....listened to Raul a.k.a. torolab n then ran to Colegio de Arquitectos of Barcelona to catch Vicente Guallart's lecture, but unfortunatelly i just catched the last 5 mins.

    Raul Cardenas|TOROLAB

    anyways i stayed to listen to this very young barcelonian office which they have some interesting work, but they r still in their beginning (Roberto Soto + Nadia Casabella).

    Soto + Casabella lecture @ coac (its hard to take still pics with my injuried hand)

    then, friday mmmhhh oh yes friday the usual lecture marathon at the IAAC with first a lecture by Raul Cardenas|TOROLAB, and then Martin Menis|AMP architects, an then to end a friday night some drinks @ the oven....


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      You are retarded.

      Feb 23, 05 9:24 am  · 

      yeah, makes my life happier :)

      Feb 23, 05 12:01 pm  · 

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