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    morning views

    By MADianito
    Jan 27, '05 11:45 AM EST

    so, you wake in the morning, climb up to the roof, cofee in hand and then u watch the view for a few seconds... you analize the weight of the old and the influence of the new...


    Then u walk to studio and while u get far from home and closer to studio, u realize the new is always present...


    Also u realize all the beauty that any artistical expression can have, even the ones in the street...


    and then you just get happy to be living in this city, and to be an architecture/art freak...

    sometimes i hate being away to the previously known, but also i realize im lucky and happy to be here...

    visca BARCA

    Happy birthday Moye!!!

    "...i have walk the earth and watched people,
    i can be sincere and say i like them,
    i want to go to a mountain top,
    with a radio and good batteries,
    play a joyous tune
    and free the human race of suffering..."
    - B. Gundsmundöttir

    I wish u a nice day to all of you... enjoy it's a beautifull day


    • Francisco David Boira

      Tapate bien que hace frio!!!

      Jan 27, 05 12:27 pm  · 

      yeah...this week has been finally cold....

      Jan 27, 05 3:38 pm  · 

      Hey there. Great to hear of your joyous day, and see that great sequence of photographs!

      Is your school the one in Barcelona with the tram lines nearby?

      Jan 27, 05 4:34 pm  · 
      Sean Taylor

      Am I the only one laughing at the first picture as it relates to "morning views"?

      Jan 28, 05 12:28 pm  · 


      Jan 28, 05 1:19 pm  · 

      DRS yeah...the tram, la diagonal, is 6 blocks away from the studio building...

      Jan 28, 05 2:42 pm  · 

      Ah, brilliant... I have a friend who studies biology at the same university. When I visited her there, I explored your department as well! Covert... Nice bookshop, but I didn't see many students or teachers - I guess when you're somewhere as amazing as Barcelona you'd prefer to be out in the city anyway!

      Well, thanks for the blog... I'll keep checking it. Mine's at - will update this weekend with much more interesting news!


      Jan 29, 05 9:44 am  · 

      dAVID drs....mmmhh maybe ur wrong, there's no biology school where i study, this is an independent institute of architecture, is more like a research center and is validated only by the UPC but we are not in any "campus" or anything, we are more close to the sea, near to the olympic port, and all the university area is on the oposite side of Barcelona, actually the studio building is in a previously industrial area, known as Ponle Nou, and i dont know any other university around our location (besides PAU, which is a private design school a block away from us), so yeah...mmhhh i think ur a lil' bit wrong...anyways, im right inside the city, but not inside the touristic ring (ramblas, gothic, raval, etc) which i really apreciate....i will check ur BLOG...good luck

      Jan 30, 05 8:52 am  · 

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