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    homesickness [proudly mexican 2]

    By MADianito
    Jan 19, '05 9:19 AM EST

    Being away from home and separated by the atlantic ocean from the ones you love and care the most, sometimes gives me the homesick feeling, but, i always have my mom to remind me on her e.mails all the reasons why i left my home town, and also i will always have the newspaper on.line to realize that i would get even more MAD of reading this stuff if i was living there....

    dont get me wrong, i love my country, i actually think that i have a wonderfull country (in a physical/resources sense) and amazing people too.... but sometimes news like this and the other i posted couple of days ago make me feel fustrated on the ways things are done down blessings to my paisanos:

    (i translated this one w/the help of altavista online translator/babel fish)

    Other 15 mayors reveal that they have highschool dregrees

    by Adán García

    Michoacán, México (January 18, 2005).- Hardly they concluded the elementary school, but they govern several municipalities of Michoacán; they are 13 municipal presidents, who in a preliminary diagnosis of the Government of the state confessed to have concluded as far as the sixth degree of primary.

    To them, today falls the responsibility of elaboration of plans of municipal development, the surrender of public accounts and the management of federal and state programs in its communities for the next three years. Also they have the constitutional responsibility to fulfill the State Law of Access to the Public Information, approved in the 2004. This fact implies to spread, by law, the organic structure of its administrations, administrative decrees, monthly directory, pays by position, manual of organization, budgetary information, financial results of audits, reports and many other data.

    For Martín Orozco, director of Municipal Civil employees of the State Center of Municipal Development (Cedemun), this will be a mess for some mayors. "”¦Since they don't have a better academic preparation, they don't understand correctly when we spoke to them of engineering data like the Plan of Municipal Development”¦", he explained. Orozco is in charge of elaborate the profile of the 113 mayors who will govern in the state during the 2005-2007 period.

    Other 15 municipal presidents revealed to have concluded studies of secondary education (first 3 years of highschool). This group, added to the previous one, includes the 25 percent of the 113 mayors of Michoacán.

    The same methodology threw that 22 finished the baccalaureate, another one arrived at second degree from preparatory (5 degree of highschool) and one dropped out at the 2nd year of his bachelor at the University.

    In its counterpart, 51 governors reported to have some (university) degree, 6 arrived at graduated school, one obtained a masters, another one was titled as public accountant and one more concluded the superior school for teachers.

    from an article published at:


    we will have this lecture next friday by the way:

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