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    Seminars, Studio and Lectures (1st trimester)

    By MADianito
    Oct 13, '04 12:53 PM EST

    Ok and also more info about THIS 1st TRIMESTER, which is organized by a series of seminars, lectures and studio.

    - Alberto Veiga
    (Visualizing architecture)
    - Izaskun Chinchilla (structuring the territory)
    - Anna Pla (Contemporary Phenomena)
    - Jose Luis Echeverria (readings)
    - Andreu Ulied + Sebastian Khourian (mapping europe)
    - Laura Cantarella
    - Nelson Brissac

    special invited seminar Sheila Kennedy + Frano Violich

    - Vicente Guallart
    - Willy Muller
    + guests...

    - Bostjan Vuga
    - Sasa Randic
    - Kennedy + Violich

    and a couple of pictures...i have to shoot some more cause this first set was kind of sh*tty

    This is Abalos + Herreros recycling center at Besos (Barcelona), is right next to Forum site (which in fact is kinda ugly, i will try to post good pics of that)


    They also did the park, and beach right in front of the recycling center, here a picture of the benches at the park, casted in concrete and made @ IAAC actually...(for the blob_ers)


    And then a pic from class...seminar with Luis Falcon


    • Medit

      so what are your first impressions of Guallart? ... is he the asshole everyone says he is or what... I don't like -at least I'm not impressed- most of his works that I've seen so far.. but no one seems to have a good impression as a person as well.. are they -the whole Metàpolis thing- worthy, or are they just archibabble and hype?

      Oct 13, 04 3:21 pm  · 

      mmhhhh Guallart for me is a cool guy, i met him before coming here and he has never seem to me that as an asshole...i mean maybe as every architect (including us) he might have his attitude sometimes, but for me is a cool guy...and well yes let's say metapolis is also part of the archibubble as any other colective group...

      Oct 13, 04 4:34 pm  · 

      lol.. oh, ok! .. this is the first time I hear/read that someone has a good impression of Guallart, lol ... I'm sure he's not that terrible, I dunno... lots of people seem to hate this guy...
      how about Muller?

      yeah I know most archi-groups develop their own architectural idiosyncrasies, but some seem more serious about what they do than others.. part of the barcelonian architectural elite seems to dismiss every project this group is in -from when they were leading the Quaderns magazine 'til the whole HyperCatalunya failed boom-..

      Oct 13, 04 5:27 pm  · 

      Of your list I find Izaskun Chinchilla the really interesting one.

      Oct 13, 04 7:22 pm  · 
      david basulto

      i <3 abalos + herreros
      + soriano y palacios
      i'm a spanish architecture bitch ;)

      Oct 13, 04 8:12 pm  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      The abalos herreros bench you are showing on that picture is called "xurret". It was done with the help of Marta Male Alemany.
      Hope you are enjoying Barcelona and have finally realized that FC BARCELONA is the rule.
      saludos .
      f david

      Oct 14, 04 1:44 am  · 

      hahaha F David... well i had said before i was more a Madrid fan, than a Barca fan... but know im so angry at Madrid having the team they have they still manage to play as other hand, Barcelona is doing pretty good, and they have quite good team without having the size of names as madrid (still they have huge names too), but anyway, what i expected was to became a fan in basketball of the Barca, but sucks that i can't find any good info about the (basketball)club at the webpage, because football takes over...anyway i think i would have to ask in the streets...whenever i have time...

      sorry if i dont answer the comments about who is cool and who's not...but i found more interesting basketball than like or dislike architects and their theories/groups/etc... by the way Muller...what can i say??, he's Argentinian, im mexican...would be natural for me to say i dont like him (hehehehe) but still haven't seen him that often so i can't say yet...

      Oct 14, 04 11:01 am  · 

      the best known group supporters of the Barcelona basquet team are the Sang Culé gang and La Penya Meritxell
      you have this forum to ask for tickets or discuss...

      Oct 14, 04 6:19 pm  · 

      great, thanx!!!

      Oct 15, 04 4:54 am  · 

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