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Sep '04 - May '12

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    saturday, 8 days to go

    By MADianito
    Sep 18, '04 7:49 PM EST

    So saturday and doing pretty much nothing, so why not post something on archinect...

    first i checked the METAPOLIS site to see if they had posted some new info about the oncoming year, but nothing yet...i want to know who will be lecturing this year...some of the lecturers last year included:
    Toyo Ito, Vicent Guallart, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Manuel Gausa, Winy Maas, Jaime Lerner, Manuel De Landa, Peter Davidson, Nelson Brissac, Carlos Ferrater

    ok, and yesterday was a busy day, played the "tourist guide" 'cause my friend Laurie (from Brussels) is visiting @ Mexico, so yesterday the tour included Casa Barragan (Barragan's House), Museo Carrillo Gil (museum), Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo's studios, Ciudad Universitaria (University City), Pata Negra Bar, and Mama Rumba Salsa dance club....

    so im pretty much tired today and i will post u some pictures so u got an idea where we were yesterday (all over the south of Mexico City):

    First, Carrillo Gil Museum.
    Paracaidista. Av. Revolución # 1608 bis (instalation @ Museo Carillo Gil, which reminds me of the work of Lebbeus Woods)



    Then Diego and Frida's studios by architect Juan O'Gorman (i love that cactus fence, and the strictly functionalist aesthetic of the buildings)



    and then on a strangely clear, non-poluted afternoon/sunset, u could see the whole valley of Mexico (Mexico City) and also a rainbow (starnge to see it here too) from the south part of the city (Ciudad Universitaria)


    and the belgium photographer:



    • david basulto

      catalunya? i supossed that it was in Spain...or there's another catalunya in Mexico?

      Sep 20, 04 1:42 pm  · 

      Catalunya is in Spain as u wisely know... but im still not getting there... i thought in the heading said "8 DAYS TO GO" so, in 8 days u will be getting enough catalunya for a hold ur horses until next monday, meanwhile keep enjoying Mexico D.F., el DeFectuoso, Chilangotitlan, La Capirucha, Mexico City, Chilangoland, etc.

      Sep 20, 04 3:10 pm  · 
      david basulto

      nice nice... lots of mexican guys have come to my college as exchange students... they are all very nice ;)

      Sep 20, 04 4:44 pm  · 

      well i know a couple that where @ Santiago last year...maybe r the same ones u know...

      Sep 21, 04 1:02 am  · 

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