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Sep '04 - May '12

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    By MADianito
    Oct 29, '04 11:22 AM EST

    Ok so, this week pretty much we spend it focused on Lucas Capelli seminar which was directed to the knowledge of what he calls "e-work" which is pretty much learn how to work in a remote way with tons or few collaborators located in diverse geographical locations...

    The task was simple but was to propose a project for a "neighborhood web" which would, in some way, improve the quality of life of that neighborhood, and we were mostly focused on apply it to the SOCIOPOLIS project here in Spain. but the interesting fact was that u have to come uo with ur own idea, and then explain it on a brief, and pass it to a webmaster (in this case Lucas) which would re-direct ur project to a "collaborator 01" (someone else, you didnt knew who inside the program) who would be develop ur idea for day and a half, and then send it back to the webmaster which would send you the work so far of your idea, so u can comment about it, and give new instructions to "collaborator 02" (which u also didnt knew who was going to be) which will work also day and a half in ur project/idea and at the end we had a critic last night of the results of our projects/ideas...(presented by the titular of each idea/project), of course meanwhile u received other stuff from someone else to develop it for day and half...

    It was an interesting task, cause let u realize a lot of stuff about e-work, and how clear u need to have ur idea, and how well u can explain it, in order to get a more accurate result of what u expected...

    Interesting results came out of it...and i will try to post some images of all projects a lil bit later today...

    meanwhile today is a quiet day and we have Bostjan Vuga lecture tonight (20:00 hrs @ IAAC, Pujades #81, Poblenou, Barcelona, free admission).


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