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Sep '04 - May '12

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    40 dllrs of software (the illegal architect)

    By MADianito
    Sep 22, '04 7:45 PM EST

    Ok, first of all... Karen O is da' bomb!, she's so great... ES UNA REYNA!!!

    Second, yeah yeah yeah's will rock u like nothing before....i've never been in a concert for a long time with such energy from the band and the audience...and last night gig was amazing...

    and now, back to the title of my blog tonight...i have a many illegal/bootleg software u can get at the states/europe for 40 dllrs??... well i got for myself enough:

    acrobat pro 6.0
    illustrator CS
    photoshop CS
    3d MAX 6.0
    MAYA 6.0
    ACAD 2004 (the guy insisted on the 2005, but i preffer '04)
    and a copy of archiCAD for MAC (a friend in europe asked me for this)

    all of that for 40 dllrs.... i love my country :-)

    by the way, i can't figure out yet how to install MAYA...any help???


    • d-t

      since it is illegal...usually you can get for free in united states. otherwise in off street of shanghai, it's a buck for one disk.

      Sep 22, 04 9:22 pm  · 
      Gabriel Duarte

      What kind of files are in the Maya CD?
      Is it .BIN or .CUE?
      If it's the case, then they're 'CD images'
      It's like a file imitating a CD. There are specal programs to open these files. They create a fake CD-ROM in your computer, which can open the CD images. Once they're open they work just like a normal CD drive. Then you can install the software just like any other by running setup.exe or whatever. The advanage of this kind of file is that they're already cracked and you'll just to run the installer. That was the case with my version.
      BTW, the name of the program to open the 'cd images' is called D-TOOLS and it's for free...
      Good luck!!!

      PS.: You could have found all that stuff here in Europe for much less...even for free.

      Sep 23, 04 5:46 am  · 

      MADianito. glad you liked the show...Karen O does, in fact, rock! i hope you were close enough to the stage to get some beer spit on lieu of monkeys throwing poo, its the best 'tactile connection' i've ever had at a show! good luck in Mexico City. You've got a good blog here...good balance of work and play!

      Sep 23, 04 2:15 pm  · 

      the secret is keep playing while ur working ;-)...

      and no, i stayed at a range where i could avoid karen's spit, all the fluid she throwe where 2 meters in front of me... so i was close, but not enough......still she rocks (i wanna marry her)

      Sep 23, 04 4:29 pm  · 

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