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Sep '04 - May '12

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    the night before

    By MADianito
    Sep 14, '04 9:40 PM EST

    So, finally finished everything for my thesis presentation tomorrow at mid day, its a strangely quiet feeling despite the fact that i know i could have done a lil' bit more (or better) at some features of the thesis...but im already tired of it, and i know that its pretty good the way it is, so... im only going to chill tonight and wait for tomorrow, i hope i dont get nervous 10 mins before the start.

    anyways, im going to start giving u info about the program im going to attend, METAPOLIS, as someone already asked me, yes its a international architecture/urban design master, based in Barcelona and GIVEN IN ENGLISH, the "slogan" they been using to promote it its that they think of design "FROM THE BITS TO THE GEOGRAPHY", ok, basic stuff if u wanna know more so far is to visit the website of METAPOLIS.


    Also the international architecture magazine (based in mexico city) ARQUINE, just got out their 7th annual architectural design competition called BORDER and adresses the border situations specifically between Mexico and the U. States, u might want to check it out, if u r understanding this BLOG but still pretty much smart to also manage spanish u can click here, the rest of u who doesn't have a clue of spanish they have also the brief in english giving a click here, PDF format....

    so, wish me luck guys, and let me start a new life after tomorrow...

    oh, and ill post u pictures from my last weekend soon

    peace out...


    • all the info on Border is also posted here

      Sep 14, 04 9:52 pm  · 

      how about posting a couple of images of your thesis project? it would be interesting to see. if you don't mind, that is...

      Sep 15, 04 12:19 am  · 

      yeah, man. i'd also like to see some pics of your work.

      Sep 15, 04 11:24 am  · 

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