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    last days...

    By MADianito
    Dec 3, '04 5:50 PM EST

    so... last days been working gathering information and me trying to put everything (every data and info for the project we r gathering) in one simple diagram or graphic which can explain the way we r going to deal and to generate a new city...

    actually been reading a pair of books that might help me to do this task which are:

    - The society of mind (by Marvin Minsky)
    - Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (by Steven Johnson)

    besides that also did the final presentations for anna pla seminar and Izaskun Chinchilla's seminar (which i will show some images of my final presentation in this entry) also started a new seminar with Jose Luis Echevarria, Jorge Perea and Jordi Mansilla called What comes next?

    also Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich where around here last week, and gave a lecture and also did a small workshop where we interchanged ideas and opinions with them about architectural practices, techniques and dealing with goverment clients.

    anyway here r some images of my presentation to Chinchilla.... it was basically a reading of the site where we r going to propone our urban regeneration...Tarragona

    Land Structuring as an Act of [trajective] developing:
    The unveiling of the invisible structure: the invisible city

    image”¦we can't see anything; no doubt the cristal has blured. let's clean it. now its clear; lets look again. the forests that surrounded the city had dissapear. bound there, by those rounded hills that are cutted by the blue sky, in the limits of the horizon, a black spot has appeared; it moves, goes on, and it raises a dust cloud

    imageIt would be a bloody aurora in where the light of fires will crack the old social building, sustained in the ignominy and the privilege, and would not be left of him neither ruins, nor ash-gray, and only a memory of scorn for the abject life of our miserable days.

    imageit would be the black mud of Las Injurias and of Cambroneras, that would drown to the rich ones, the right revenge against the ruler classes, who made of the State a police to save their interests, obtained by the robbery and the explotation, that made of the State means to calm to shots the hunger of the desperate ones.

    imageThe district of Las Injurias became depopulated, its inhabitants were leaving towards Madrid... It was shabby people: some, ragmen; others, homeless; others, starvers; almost of all with a repulsive look

    imageThis desire is consequence of my bottom of selfishness and the poured indolency that so much they have reproached me, and that, without a doubt, develops and exaggerates the life of the sailor.

    imageWe want to understand the sea, and we do not understand it; we want to find a reason to it, and we were not able to find it. It is a monster, an incomprehensible sphinx; dead it is the laboratory of life, inert is the representation of the constant restlessness.

    What else??? oh yes, i also assisted to this series of round tables and debates called:

    Takeaway Cultures

    A cycle about changes in the conception of urban space as a result of the partial and temporary use made of it. How takeaway cultures are created for fast instant consumption, producing a culture that is becoming increasingly identified with mobility and variable geographies. The debate is based around four main issues: (1) Mobilities. The time of the territory / The territories of time; (2) Landscapes. Local cultures vs . Global images; (3) Diversities. Visual consumption and urban appropriations, and (4) Occasional cultures, instant cultures, ‘takeaway' cultures?

    Speakers: Sharon Zukin, Josep Subirós, Guido Martinotti, Joan Nogué, Charlie Gere, Eduard Bru, Jaume Busquets, John Hannigan, Andrew Simms, Monica Degen, Lluís Ortega,
    Neil Leach, Giandomenico Amendola, Octavi Rofes.


    • bigness

      hey mad, i thought the school was very scientific in its methods, yet looking at your material it seems to be concerned with perception and feeling...almost it your personal approach or something more widespread in the school?

      Dec 4, 04 7:24 am  · 

      it is actually more my "poetical" aproach to that specific seminar...actually for the studio project we r being very "scientific" and we r gathering all kind of numbers and data about the cities (thats why there's not too much to show yet, graphically), im actually dealing with how to put all that in diagrams (the data everyone is gathering), i will show some stuff of the studio soon...

      but yes richard its more my approach for the reading of the territory (hyper-influenced by the work of Paul Graham, Bruno Latour and the writers of the generation of '98 as i previously had commented)...

      scientific stuff is cooking, soon to be posted...(fat rats, pink, rats, etc)

      Dec 4, 04 9:53 am  · 

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