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    weekend @ Barcelona

    By MADianito
    Oct 18, '04 8:04 AM EST

    So a fast recap on what was my weekend...

    first friday sessions with Andreu Ulied and after Willy Muller, Muller talked to us about TRANSAMERICANA...the project they did last year at the institute for Brasil in collaboration with 2 other brazilian schools, which pretty much i wont recall....i dont really pay too much atention to this lectures where people try to make examples showing their projects, so i will rather talk to u about Andreu...funny guy, as long as he keeps talking and thinking he starts playing with his hair, so at the end has like the messiest top of head i had seen...hahaha, anyways despite that funny aspect, he is a very inteligent person (Dr. Engineer, MSc Planning, Mcrit), and been working for the EU the last years... anyway, some ideas he made sound in my brain...

    -Maps can be part of a memory, collective or individual.

    -Mapping clasifies people in groups and activities.

    -Borders in these times are not a definitive limit, borders are moving.

    -Countries is a terrible "element" to try to map Europe, is a wrong concept to map.

    -Not to think as belonging to a country but beonging to a region:
    MICROregions [local, metropolitan,regional]
    MESOregions [national, international]
    MACROregions [europe, continental, geographies]

    REPRESentation: any kind of representation involves the concept of supress...that is if ur going to represent any information, u have to decide which one is the one u show and which one is the one u will repress...

    oh and u might be interested in visiting this website:


    on the other is monday and we got rain in the morning, now is sunny again, but weekend we still had a very nice and sunny couple of days to go and laid down on the beach...that is very usefull if ur tired (or not) of the Barcelonian nights...

    P.S. by the way...Barcelona is a city with so much stuff to do, during the day or the night is non-stop, so next wednesday i have to choose between to concerts, one one hand "the hives" which i really like and never had seen them alive, in the other the argentinian icon of latin music Gustavo Cerati, which is one of my favourite artists but i had seen him live already a couple of times... so what u recommend???


    • Gabriel Duarte

      You've been to the beach!?
      Lucky bastard...what am I doing in NL? hehehehehe
      We already need to use scarfs and's usually 4 to 7 degrees at night.
      BCN is a great city!!!
      Keep enjoying!
      Gabriel - Delft

      Oct 18, 04 8:17 am  · 

      yeah dude...and im still hoping next week weather allow me to go to the beach (i can't get enough of it!)...

      hey dont complain...u have ur weird dutch santa claus!

      ;-) hehehehehehe

      Oct 18, 04 8:51 am  · 
      Josh Russell


      Oct 18, 04 9:38 am  · 

      no, mejor vete ir a ver al gustavo cerati! ese guey toca bien chido.

      Oct 18, 04 12:27 pm  · 

      ok no further trouble....ppl confirmed me that both gigs r not in the same day....Hives this wednesday, Cerati next, no problem now

      Oct 19, 04 7:54 am  · 

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