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Sep '04 - May '12

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    academics II (the parenthesis post II)

    By MADianito
    Oct 21, '04 2:38 PM EST

    Some people had asked me what is my master program about...sincerely, sometimes i dunno what to answer, and i dont think is a bad thing....sometimes i feel like the aproach would bemore URBANISM than ARCHITECTURAL, but somehow it feels 110% architectural, or sometimes i feel also im doing a more theoretical/reserach master, but still feels very practical, or sometimes y feel like a LANDSCAPE master but it keeps being a purely architectural maybe is just as Willy Muller told us the other day, the aim is to generate, to educate, a new kind of architect, architects that can respond to the scale of their time, by example, infraestructures of modernism have not the same scale as the infrastructures we have today (economicals, comunicationals, trade/comercial ones, etc

    Ok sorry, so after this small reflection i shared with u i can say we also been doing stuff with Andreu Ulied (and his phd candidate discipule Oscar):

    Fall term 2004
    Seminar 15-10-2004

    tutors: Andreu Ulied and Maria Teresa Guevara
    assistant: Oscar (the Phd candidate from Colombia)

    mainly focusing in mapping and mapping methods and softwares and all this euforia de EU (european union) now seems to have to explain everything that happens in its territory...but u know also a good method to realize and visualize tendencies, problems, conflicts, areas of intervention, etc...

    right now we have to use some huge databases he has about europe to make our first own mappings on any situation we want, looking for interesting topics to compare and to create tendencies, and comparative situations...

    i dunno...i feel tired after last post...too much links, bold letters and italics....

    so keeping this one short....

    MMHH SO what else?? reading for Andreu every article available anywhere about mapping and the power that maps have in any culture and how much power they can have in contemporary society, (like the EU), what they represent, what r the variables to be consider, who defines those variables, etc.

    difference between cartographies and the "cartographics"

    Mostly the work and thoughts of John Brian Harley (1932-1991) called for some the "father of critic cartography", R. Brunet (another french philosopher who adressed the topics of mapping and mental conception of the mapped), and also the ideas contained in 'Cognitive transformation of information from urban geographic field to mental maps' by Beck & Wood.

    We are checking out too some java applets for mapping. Also we are starting our first steps with GIS (geographic information system) software, which of course has its main task of do accurate maps based on databases contained in MSoffice access files.... anyway, to know or understand me a lil' bit more check this software (completely developed by Andreu Ulied's office) called "bridges"

    for more information about this course u can check this link:


    oh yeah u need graphic information???
    ok here r my notes from one of Andreu's sessions....


    P.S. i hope this has changed a lil' bit the image the audience had of our master course...we actually between the beach, parties and "marcha" still found some time to do a looot of work, read a loooot of stuff and attend the seminars....

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    • sahar

      I started reading the school's website from the link you posted. Is your program a one-year post professional program? It just seems very interesting and I was going to file it away for later use, if it was.

      Oct 21, 04 4:49 pm  · 

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