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Sep '04 - May '12

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    Manic Monday

    By MADianito
    Sep 6, '04 11:40 PM EST

    So, i dunno if this had happen to u before, but...seems that there are some projects that never seem to get done!

    Im finishing my thesis project (which i have to present next tuesday 14), but somehow i have "almost" everything, but still not "everything" and u keep spending time on a project that now seems will never be finished...well is going to be, trust me, otherwise i can't leave to it will be finish one way or the other.

    The most annoying feature of the thesis...and still one of the missing chapters, i dunno if u guys have to do this, but here for our final thesis projects, we have to write down a "conclussion essay" of the they expect me to write something about a project im already sick of working at??, anyway...i just can think of any of the "philosophal crap" tutors and jurors will want to hear about my project....damn!

    Ok in other stuff, wated to share some pics with u people in the other side of the monitor:

    here is a photo of myself working at the studio @ NYC with Lebbeus Woods.


    then this is another photo of the city i would leave in...OMG!!! 20 days now!


    and go to live in this other city :-) cheers!



    • Gabriel Duarte

      Hey Mariano (I suppose it's your real name)!

      We have to do something like your "conclusion essay" in the Univ. of Rio. It surely is hell to write something about a thing you're completely fed up with. My solution was: wake up; start working right away without even having breakfast; and do it until I had enough. It helps to have your mind fresh and not to be able to think too much when you have such a thesis-burden.
      By the way, me and my girdlfriend will be checking your blog quite regularly. she wants to apply for IAACAT next year. So, it means that you'll be responsible for much of her first impressions.
      Good luck with the blog and with your thesis!
      Nice trip to BNC!

      All the best,

      Gabriel (Delft)

      Sep 7, 04 11:44 am  · 

      OK. You skipped the part where you ask the artist if it's ok to publish his work on your personal blog. Not a big problem. But the least you could do was to give him proper credit for it.


      Sep 9, 04 11:13 pm  · 

      hahahaha ok, sorry, the picture with my back and hair, its by Guillerme Cartaxo, a very good portuguese friend and architect who is now trying to save the world thru architecture interventions in the Island of East Timor helping the dude! lol

      Sep 14, 04 11:20 am  · 

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