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    Land Structuring

    By MADianito
    Nov 16, '04 7:27 AM EST
    Land Structuring as an act of [trajective] developing:
    Izaskun Chinchilla

    roundabout, by Paul Graham

    After an overview of all the cases i mentioned on one of my previous entries, i chose to analyze and take as basis for my land structuringwhat we call: THE UNVEILING OF THE INVISIBLE STRUCTURE

    It is a reading of the landscape taking as an inspiration the works by photographer Paul Graham in Ireland and the book 'Paris Ville Invisible' by Bruno Latour, basically the work of Latour based his thesis in unveiling the real structure of Paris by photographing the real elements that make the real Paris, this small fragments that link the real Paris and make it is the way it is. And Graham work focus on photographing landscapes but in a very provocative way, showing always in the landscapes, in a very 'sutile' way small elements that shows the tension in the political field that Ireland was or is having, also sometimes in a later stage of his work, the images become more abstract and the titles help to make the whole idea and concept about the image.

    Unionist coloured kerbstones at dusk, by Paul Graham

    Unionist poster on tree, by Paul Graham

    So i hope next time i go to Tarragona [the town where we r doing our first studio project of this year] i can find some of this political information on the landscape which would be awesome to relate my reading to Graham's work, which i like a lot since i've been interested for so much time in urban expressions as graffiti and its meaning in 'urban terms' for a city and/or society.

    Graffiti, Ballysillan Estate, Belfast. by Paul Graham

    Also im complimenting my reading with also some influence by what is called in the Spanish Literature as "Generation of '98" a Literate movement of the end of XIX century in Spain that neglected all what spanicity was at that moment considering it a fake illusion and a vulgar display of fake culture and identity, and funny because most of this writers where not Catalan, but most of them idealized Catalunya/Barcelona as the best example of that era of what was truly Spain and they actually worshiped all Catalan expressions of art and modernity and culture even than never before they visited Catalunya/Barcelona, and most of them after visit it where kind of dissapointed and some of them totally changed their literate discurse about Catalunya/Barcelona...linking it maybe to some latest literature movements in Austria with are going thru a same moment, denying their culture and trying to redefine what is to be an Austrian [more comments on this soon].

    Tarragona's industrialscape


    And what can i say about Izaskun?? she's amazing, girl genius!, yes im being serious, she's one of the strongest bets of young spanish architecture [a lot of people already making noize under 30 y/o], every session we have w/her she just bombs our mortal brains with a lot of information and knowledge that keep us thinking about until next week....she's great teacher.

    Tarragona's industrialscape

    Last night actually she showed some of her work [her office is located @ Madrid] and after it we had a little discussion about it where also participated Vicente Guallart and Anna Pla, was cool to hear Izaskun explain her project 'leif motivs' and also was great to hear her say how some politicians have a lack of vision on what to do in the cities, and trying to more or less quote her exactly: "...Thats why i know i would be poor for several years doing what i love to do, but i do it that way cause i have also a political stand, and i think this is what we have to ask out of our politicians, a better understanding of the urban phenomenons and better vision for the future..."

    that tiny smart girl rules!

    Tarragona's urbanscape

    Tarragona's Beach

    *Tarragona Images courtesy of Mr. Peter Jenni since my camera died a couple of weeks ago, some intention to revive it is intended...but i haven't got any time to do maybe bring it back from the land of the dead digital, or buy a new one, anyways meanwhile thanx Mr. Jenni for the images that made this post much more colorfull and illustrative

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