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    researching @ BCN

    By MADianito
    Oct 20, '04 8:20 AM EST

    When the mediterranean way of live of BCN absorbs u, is when u start feeling part of this beautifull city...

    one of the architectural centers of the world, and also home of the IAAC... we the researchers r trying our best to adapt to the Catalan way of we really try hard, like past monday night...

    omg...i ended up back home @ 5 am in the morning

    "...antes de tocar aqui yo no era asi, ahora me reviento casi diario, de como era antes tu te debes de acordar...el cafe tacuba ya parece bar!!..."
    -R. Albarran



    • bigness

      where do i apply?

      Oct 20, 04 11:38 am  · 

      @ !!!


      Oct 20, 04 12:56 pm  · 

      "Catalan way of life"

      so.. what is that???

      Oct 20, 04 2:47 pm  · 

      damn, i love cafe tacuba!

      Oct 20, 04 7:41 pm  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      That is :
      The Catalan way: work hard + play hard + great culture + great quality of life = CATALUNYA!!
      please visit and learn more. ;)
      for now archinecters can rely on MAD and his great posts!
      veo que te va de puta madre noi!!, un abrazo.

      Oct 21, 04 2:09 am  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      hey que se to olvide visitar KENTUKY en el raval cuando estes por alli pasadas las 4:00 de la manana...alucinante la de personajes que te encontraras alli.

      Oct 21, 04 2:11 am  · 
      please visit and learn more

      la teva visió és purament subjectiva xaval... no tots els catalans són universitaris amb la butxaca plena i les teves oportunitats... heck! ni tan sols tots viuen a Barcelona... i n'hi ha que ténen "ways of life" diferents...
      Oct 21, 04 6:49 am  · 

      Hey Medit, i never said all Catalans live the "way of live" that i am, not even trying to describe which way of live im having, and i never said all catalans lived in Barcelona, and neither that all go to University or that have full pockets, or even that some use catalan to hide their true messages because they dont want to sound very "polemic" i respect catalan culture, and i actually like it, but never said anything of the stuff u gently wrote in Catalan (so i can have more Catalan flavour in my weblog), so chill out, and have a caipirinha, mojito, chupito, tequila, grappa or whatever suits ur mood and stop being that grumpy dude...u might even try the beach maybe...oh and please, next time write in english cause its quite rude put messages that not everyone understanf in my weblog...

      Oh, a good statistic for u MEDIT, 51% of inmigrants who get to Catalunya have a University dont try to call my "privileged" im just another inmigrant from the 3rd world my friend ;-)

      Oct 21, 04 9:13 am  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      Medit, tranqui noi !
      MAD that comment was directed to me because I over simplified what is the Catalan way of life. (por cierto veo que ya entiendes el catalan..en hora buena)
      MEdit no te enfades tio simplemente es un comentario como cualquier otro y no te enfades por favor. Saludos desde NYC!
      Aquest es al problema dels Catalans...sempre tope negatius mai "positifo" com diria al gran Van Gaal.

      Oct 21, 04 1:16 pm  · 

      ok, ok, maybe I was rude, maybe I should think twice before posting anything... My apologies... I'm a convinced catalanist, so i'm kinda susceptible with this kind of things..
      anyway, what Francisco says its true.. the "real" -and i'm only perpetuating a topic- catalan way of life, is to work hard and complain hard -siempre negatifos, nunca positifos!-... that's why, among other things, the small and middle bussiness -PIMES- have become the distinctive mark of catalan people.. we're famous for adopting the "victimistic" way of life -as Josep Pla would say-... some catalan people consider themselves -out of the typical spanish fiesta & sangria topic- merely ant workers, but it has proven to be a quite succesful way of diferentiating ourselves from the spaniards and be the "most" european community of the iberian peninsula -in terms of life quality and economic prosperity-...

      but anyway, working hard, playing hard -and doin' it with style, at least with our peculiar style- is very typical from Barcelonians too -is kinda different in deep Catalonia though-..

      anyway, I understand your position, Nito, I would do the same in your place... study hard and have all the fun in the world, in beaches in bars and wherever.. we're gonna win that damn Liga soon again!

      ps. I was not calling you a privileged.. I was just pointing out that the college educated people its not, by any means, representative of the catalan way of life.. maybe just one of those ways, I couldnt tell you right now which percentage of youngsters have an university degree, but I'm sure it's way lower than that 51%.. I should check out GenCat's website for these statistics..

      ps2. beaches do nothing for me.. I'm a mountaineer... but try Roses, Llançà or Cadaqués (Girona), they are probably the only beaches I ever liked... Tossa de Mar is lovely too... any place without tourists -specially those drunken brits and germans-...

      ..and I shut up... I'll bite my tongue next time... :-)

      Oct 21, 04 4:05 pm  · 

      medit, i said 51% of the INMIGRANTS have Univ degree...which seemed a huge number to me (Luis Falcon told me that), anyways, thanx for comment again (and in english) :-)

      Oct 22, 04 9:30 am  · 

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