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Sep '04 - May '12

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    madrid or barcelona?

    By MADianito
    Nov 4, '04 8:49 AM EST

    So...some of the "readers" of my blog already know (or they should) all my life i was a fan of Real Madrid (since im not really a huge football w, im more into basketball) but last tuesday this brazilian guy finally convinced me that i can support Barca (at least) for a year...

    Ronaldinho running because he heard "lets take u to the dentist right now" (or can be right after his goal, running to the stands of the Camp Nou and about to take his shirt off and a yellow card???)

    So, has been charming to go to the local bar just a block away from the studio to watch Barcelona matchs while zipping on some beers, so after 3 games i was finally trapped by the whole football (soccer) mania here in so funny hang out with the locals while watching the match...

    Ronaldinho looking for his girlfriend in the stadium stands after he scored against Milan

    Barca has an amazing team this year (mainly well putted together, but not as full w/ego.stars as Real Madrid), and is stupid the way Real Madrid is playing lately (and the money they have invested in that team)...

    Ronaldinho without having his best game at Barcelona had enough genius moments to give the victory to Barcelona against Milan last tuesday...he is an amazing player...

    The rest of the Barcelona team trying to get Ronaldinho to the dentist (or can it be also Ronaldinho being congratulated by his teamates for his winning goal vs Milan last tuesday??)

    But Barcelona player this year is going to be the mexican and paisano Rafael Marquez (whenever he scores im going to buy a round of 'cañas' to everyone in the bar).

    so no more Real Madrid for me (at least this year), and welcome Barca!

    oh, by the way here's the lecture of this friday at the IAAC:


    // Andres Canovas (from Madrid)


    • Francisco David Boira

      Felicitats Madianito per fi ets cule!
      Ronaldinho es molt Ronaldinho.

      Nov 4, 04 2:19 pm  · 


      Nov 4, 04 4:44 pm  · 

      "Eu sou foda! Eu sou foda! ... EU SOU FODAAAA!" , that's what he yelled .. a wonderful goal pra torcida blaugrana...
      never seen anyone celebrating a goal so wholeheartedly....

      Ronnie ets el millor...

      ps. er... Marquez.. naah, Oleguer's better..

      Nov 5, 04 3:24 am  · 

      Ronaldinho doesn't have a girlfriend, he was looking at his mother!! She goes to almost all of his games and was there that evening.

      Jul 10, 06 3:06 pm  · 

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