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Sep '04 - May '12

  • Moneo

    By MADianito
    May 9, '12 8:02 PM EST

    Rafael Moneo received today the prize Principe de Asturias de las Artes...

    full note (in spanish):


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  • urbanized

    By MADianito
    May 9, '12 2:03 AM EST

    I just saw urbanized...well im still kind of watching it (and i will need to watch it again), one of top moments (there's plenty of nice ideas thrown along the film) is Koolhaas criticizing the "competition" system, kind of saying architects are f*cking up architects... and worst moment? Foster... View full entry

  • Get Lost in the Line for Free | Happy Sant Jordi!

    By MADianito
    Apr 23, '12 12:54 PM EST

    To celebrate Sant Jordi (& the international book day), & Ethel Baraona is letting us download (FREE ONLY TODAY): Léopold Lambert's "Lost in the Line" visual essay, part of the book WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE: The Impossibility of Innocence Download here (copy to... View full entry

  • Design Inspiration

    By MADianito
    Apr 6, '12 11:52 AM EST

    These days there is plenty of "Design Inspiration" websites, blogs & tumblr, etc.... but i can't understand why all of this "design inspiration" websites show only other designs and finished products, basically consequences of someone else's inspirations, isn't that a bit odd for you? or... View full entry

  • Fisac

    By MADianito
    Apr 1, '12 11:05 PM EST

    Lately i've been interested and literally discovering the work of Spaniard Architect Miguel Fisac, he has different "styles" along the body of her work, but i found interesting how he started experimenting with concrete, specially pouring concrete into fabrics... here are 2 seductive images of... View full entry

  • narrow definition of progress

    By MADianito
    Mar 26, '12 1:05 PM EST

    With the Industrial Revolution, basically 5,000 years of progress was thrown out the window…People assume that in the 21st century buildings should be made of titanium, because we have a narrow definition of progress. Maybe a 21st-century building is made out of dirt used in an intelligent... View full entry

  • ..."rants" & rethinking

    By MADianito
    Mar 21, '12 3:03 AM EST

    So, i must say in advance, that im very sorry that now that i started again this blog, which has little now to do with a "student blog" it will feel like a big rant in every post...i would really try not to be like that, i also want to let you know i need to do this to let this frustration out of... View full entry

  • big words

    By MADianito
    Mar 13, '12 2:57 PM EST

    Why do Architects, and architecture students (and all their surrounding machinery) fall so easily for big, fancy, pseudo-interesting pretentious words, instead of actual good pieces of architecture? Why in order to describe a building and/or an architecture-related topic we need so many stupid... View full entry

  • Thoughts

    By MADianito
    Feb 16, '12 1:11 PM EST

    Im thinking to get back in the train of the Archinect Blogs.... i guess this is the first step... hope you would like reading how has it been after school, the rise and fall of the architecture professional... also lets see if this helps to get me back in love w/architecture again or if its a... View full entry

  • almost final post

    By MADianito
    Sep 16, '05 12:29 PM EST

    so, somehow i would have to put a final point to this weblog that i enthusiastically started and, shame on me, is going to end not as energetic as it began..... so yeah i had finished my master course here at the IAAC (BCN), and im glad and thankfull to all the people who wrote comments on this... View full entry

  • day after

    By MADianito
    Jul 2, '05 2:19 PM EST

    so, yesterday did my presentation of the final project of the year, and it went very good, got some congratulations and of course some other critiques, but overall it was a very good project, so now im officialy finish with this thing...sorry in did not posted too much the last months but i was... View full entry

  • hello?

    By MADianito
    Apr 26, '05 9:06 AM EST

    ok so, the bad side of being a blogger (or maybe good) is that as any diary u dont write when u dont feel like, but then u add the days u have no time, the days u dont feel like u have something interesting to say, etc., so u stop at some point, hehehehehe, no actually im not going to pull out the... View full entry

  • back in [bcn]action

    By MADianito
    Mar 11, '05 3:29 PM EST

    so, im back in BCN from 10 intensive days in croatia, there is a lot of stuff that i will comment about this trip hopefully all this weekend and lot of pictures to show u, so keep watching...just one fast thing first... slovenia and croatia r both 2 beautifull places... and omg the local girls... View full entry

  • and what im doing now...

    By MADianito
    Feb 23, '05 7:56 AM EST

    so after letting u know what i did the last 3 days of last week, i will proceed to reach today... first saturday party.ed my heart out at the NORTEC gig @ la Paloma (BCN)... n after that had been all about bussinnes.... some say in china they have a phrase for this situations: DELIVER THE MAPS!!!... View full entry

  • lectures, mexicans, drinks n a lot to do...

    By MADianito
    Feb 23, '05 7:21 AM EST

    ok catching up with all the crazy ppl that posted last weekend to avoid being tagged as "abandon blog" i will take some time to tell u what i been up to: is funny that i sometimes complain about Barcelona lack of "activity" but at the end i always found myself full of stuff to do, watch n do... View full entry


    By MADianito
    Feb 18, '05 8:50 AM EST

    hey ppl very fast if someone is around barcelona and want to attend this lectures today at IAAC.... for the rest promess to post tomorrow stuff of the last 2 weeks... first Raul Cardenas|TOROLAB (tijuana-san diego 'trans-border' practice) will lecture here @ 6pm... and then at 8pm, Martin Menis View full entry

  • update

    By MADianito
    Feb 14, '05 5:42 AM EST

    sorry for being away most of last week but it was crunch time n we had a deadline to match last friday, i will post images later and then today we started early in order to use the max time we can... now is going to be 15 intensive days setting up the presentation we will have for the rotterdam... View full entry

  • dont tell me about blood pt.2

    By MADianito
    Feb 2, '05 10:39 AM EST

    So this r the lectures for this friday...somehow we r going to have a marathon....u r all invited this r open public lectures: Friday 4th Feb 18.30h >> ffvp Architects, Barcelona Carlos Puig + Frank Fernández + Xavi Vancells 20.00h >> ADD Architects... View full entry

  • dont tell me about blood...

    By MADianito
    Feb 1, '05 6:32 AM EST

    last night summary.... after 2 nights of barely sleeping, i was for the first time in days early at home, had a nice dinner and was reading a book with a glass of milk and butter cookies...ok time to sleep...taking the glass and cookies to the kitchen.. try to open the kitchen door w/lights off... View full entry

  • own bibliography

    By MADianito
    Jan 31, '05 1:05 PM EST

    I spent all sunday at home working on my urban project and also re-writing a couple of articles i have on the drawer that i want to finish was a lovely afternoon, which i had to see thru my room window: So, this term besides all the bibliography suggested by the seminars tutors, i build... View full entry

  • morning views

    By MADianito
    Jan 27, '05 11:45 AM EST

    so, you wake in the morning, climb up to the roof, cofee in hand and then u watch the view for a few seconds... you analize the weight of the old and the influence of the new... Then u walk to studio and while u get far from home and closer to studio, u realize the new is always present... Also u... View full entry

  • school life

    By MADianito
    Jan 26, '05 12:27 PM EST

    ok, so, here are some pictures of the week's activities here...since i got my new camera, now i will post images than i used before...try to enjoy them...general panorama of one of the Tarragona studio sessions with Guallart & Falcon: studio tutoring with Luis Falcon: people getting the work... View full entry

  • rotterdam biennale + instant australia

    By MADianito
    Jan 26, '05 11:46 AM EST

    so...mmhh besides been working this week on the project about tarragona, we also received the program and/or characteristics of the work we r going to be asked for the rottaredma biennale which is going to be part of all the analisis we alreayd been doing for the Tarragona project... the Rotterdam... View full entry

  • weekend work

    By MADianito
    Jan 23, '05 3:17 PM EST

    So... i hate working 'extra hours' or whatever u can call to work too much in a project, specially when u dont have a clear idea of what to do with it...anyways, so i've spent the whole weekend at studio working until 3 and 4 am (friday and saturday), since the studio space is in a part of... View full entry

  • homesickness [proudly mexican 2]

    By MADianito
    Jan 19, '05 9:19 AM EST

    Being away from home and separated by the atlantic ocean from the ones you love and care the most, sometimes gives me the homesick feeling, but, i always have my mom to remind me on her e.mails all the reasons why i left my home town, and also i will always have the newspaper on.line to realize... View full entry

  • EPIC 2014

    By MADianito
    Jan 18, '05 5:59 AM EST

    After reading this last two books last term: - The society of mind (by Marvin Minsky) - Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (by Steven Johnson) and being totally inside of the whole thing about future of networks, and new generation intelligence and stuff like... View full entry

  • the 2mt houses + a competition

    By MADianito
    Jan 17, '05 7:46 AM EST

    So, here is the picture i have from Zacatecas Mexico where i found this kind of 2 meters houses that my fellow blogger from University of Plymouth, would be now dealing with in his studio.. what else???, i haven't seen the calendar by archinect but there's this new competition for a PUBLIC LIBRARY... View full entry

  • already in rythm

    By MADianito
    Jan 14, '05 10:22 AM EST

    So, as u might know we had been having activity in this part of the world for 2 weeks already, and is reaching lately one of it early peaks of activity (intellectual mostly). Starting yesterday with a lecture at "colegio de arquitectos" by Josep Luis Mateo, and also a lecture and exhibition... View full entry

  • proudly mexican

    By MADianito
    Jan 13, '05 12:15 PM EST

    lol...sorry i couldn't let this article pass by, its very funny and it shows the reality of what goes on in México in matters of political actions related to build infrastructure/facilities and towards construction in general....sorry that is in spanish but i found myself... View full entry

  • Re: No books at all

    By MADianito
    Jan 12, '05 12:17 PM EST

    I love the power electronic media has now in human activities.....From: Marilyn Sparrow To: MADianito Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2004 5:16 PM Subject: Re: No books at all Dear Marias I am so sorry that the books have still have arrived. We have to assume that they have gone astray. Rest assured... View full entry

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