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Sep '04 - May '12

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    Bostjan Vuga

    By MADianito
    Oct 30, '04 9:20 AM EST

    So last night Bostjan Vuga came to lecture here at the IAACAT, i might say his office SADAR + VUGA has a nice work but also i wasn't very impressed, anyway let's see how that stuff looks face 2 face next march when i vist Slovenia, meanwhile here's some info + ideas + comments i wrote down during the lecture:


    Sadar Vuga Arhitekti [SVA] has since 1996 employeed 65 architects and produced more than 100 projects, 1/4 of them being realized or implemented. 90% of all projects are designed for sites in Slovenia. Even more, 75% of them (12 realized projects) are urban and architectural studies, design developments, implementation plans and interior designs for locations in Ljubljana, the city where the office is located.

    SVA communicates its production through TENDENCIES, phrases that define concepts or main ideas, applied to its architectural products. The tendencies exist regardless of typologies, program, location, site, budget, time time of execution, landmarking and any other parameters that outline the uniqueness of an architectural product.

    Will the TENDENCIES, implemented in the local context, ruin, deny, nautralize or enrich its identity?, or will they just add another layer?, and what is (or will be) 'FORMULA NOVA LJUBLJANA'.

    //ideas + comments:

    >> 'soft' relationship of the project with the context; disconnect with the context.

    >> permanent + temporal / sell + ground / permeability of the structure.

    >> BTC city (in Ljubjana), transformed its functions completely in less than 50 years, the infrastructure might be already setup for a site, but with a different use that is not the best to potencialize the area.

    >> from shopping city to genuine city

    >> the need of the "feeling of belonging to a comunity".

    >> managable urban scales, a country with 2 million people and 60% of its territory as a green area can change from a urban city (Ljubjana) to a urban territory (Slovenia)?? is that the proper intervention?? urbanize the rural??







    *images taken without authorization by MADianito from Sadar Vuga Arhitekti [SVA] website, and i hope they dont mind, cause that would be pretty lame

    *i took this one with Paco Villeda's camera, so shared copyright

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