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    TARRAGONA studio

    By MADianito
    Nov 4, '04 8:09 AM EST

    So our project until january its a regeneration of the "triangle" formed by 3 small towns an hour south of Barcelona, in the municipality of Tarragone, the 3 cities are Vila-Seca, Tarragona and Salou, what we aim is to re-organize the cities so they can grow and still be productive since their main activity is the chemical industry, so we plan to remove/adapt/relocate the industry, and give strategies for these 3 cities to grow in the future and maybe generating new industries, they have also a very significant tourist industry which also would play a huge roll in our project/proposal.

    an aerial view of the area we will study and propose the project at

    So Tuesday we had a day trip and went to visit Tarragona, Salou and Vila Seca, including some appointments with some authorities which included the mayor of Vila-Seca, they exponed what they wanted from us, and also explained us the history od their cities and a general view of what is important for the local governments to keep in mind in order to propose them new alternatives for growth.

    the 'triangle' formed by (in red) Tarragona, Vila-Seca and Salou (Salou is not pictured in the view, but is down in the image) with the main existing industrial area (in green) inside their territory.

    Tarragona is a city with more than two thousand years of history. Is probable the existence of Iberian settlement in the Tarragonese hill before the arrival of the Romans.
    Tarragona has its origins in the military camp established by Gneu Escipiu in the 218 BC, this was the true door of the penetration of the Roman in the Iberian peninsula. Soon the 45 BC was converted into the capital of the Spanish territory - said afterwards From Tarragona - that was converted into colony by Julio Cesar.
    There are outstanding monuments of the days of Cesar August, who lived in it between years 27 and 24 BC; Tarragona had then an extension of 60 ha. and some 30.000 inhabitants and its importance was evident due to being one of the few roman cities in Spain with circus, theater and amphitheater.

    The decadence started in the 3rd century with the invasions of Francs and Germanics, but Tarragona still sustained the political and religious personality under the Visigoths (469) until the demolition practice of the city on the part of the Muslim orders that invade it (716). It suffered centuries of depopulation, in a zone of no-man's land, lost among Christian and Saracenic domains, until XI and XII centuries.

    The bishop Saint Fructuos was tortured the 257 AC together with the deacons Prediction and Eulogi in the roman amphitheater. The Tarragonese diocese is recognized as a metropolitan one since the 4th century, prerogative that it keep after the mediaeval restoration.

    the industrial landscape of Vila-Seca*

    PROGRAM for the new city between Tarragona/Vila-Seca/Salou
    // A new techno-agricole city with:
    // 100,000 new inhabitants
    // 100,000 new touristic places (to be studied in relation with Port Aventura)
    // Biochemical Industry (instead of the petrochemical industry they host right now)
    // Research centers + Agricultural production
    // Autosuficient from an infrastructural point of view
    // New relation with the sea, and seafront (touristic harbours)

    final presentation January 14th
    (expected material by then):
    // model of the area netween Tarragona/Vila-Seca/Salou
    // Documents of all infrastructure/social/cultural studies of the area (data diagrams, etc)
    // Master Plan
    // Specific details

    + bush won.... god help us

    *thanks to researcher Paco Villeda for the image of the industrial landscape, after my camera seems to be agonizing

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