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Sep '04 - May '12

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    image and landscape

    By MADianito
    Oct 14, '04 2:25 PM EST

    Today some input from Laura Cantarella an Italian architect working with image and photography and based between Brussels and Barcelona:

    "...Landscape can't exist without a viewer, landscape is the consecuence of a perception, is a "view" of ageography, and because of that it can comunicate a message..."

    "...a good way to identify a good future tourist destination, or at least one with possibilities, is to realize a place where everyone can get nice pictures of it..."

    "...360 views can in a certain way, multiplicate time inside a certain space..."

    Ok, so, what else i did today??mmhhh went to IKEA to buy all the (i thought) meaningless stuff i still needed for my ended up as a 100 (euros) bill... blah!

    and also we had a meeting (between the researchers) to start planning strategies of adressing the site selected for this years final thesis (croatia and slovania) and a couple of good first ideas came up, we will have another one on monday, so i will tell u when something more concrete comes up...meanwhile pics of the IAAC building...

    This is the "central space" which works to put/install/construct anything u want or for any purpose u will need more space than the already we have at "studio space"


    Lecture room is where all the open lectures happen


    Images from staretgical meeting v. 1.0
    image (a)


    image (b)


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