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    By MADianito
    Jan 10, '05 3:48 PM EST

    i hate burocracy...

    today i woke up at 7 am in order to avoid any kind of delays and long lines in the inmigration office thanks to the fact that the spanish goverment can't give u a visa for all ur staying after checking all ur papers and, they give u a firts one for 3 months, then ask u for more paper to give u another one for the rest of ur staying (or max a year, and then of course to renovate again)....

    so, got to the office, then found out i was missing another paper which i didnt knew i needed, ok, then i went for this paper to other office (police station, close to my flat), but nope u need this other paper in order to pull this one out, went home got the paper, went back to police station, now the system is not working, come back like in hour and half, back home, work a lil' on project, come back to the station, get a number, sit down....

    after waiting for 20 mins., a fat lady (why r they always FAT ladies in burocrat offices???) comes and say the system wouldn't work until tomorrow morning...

    ok so, i woke up at 7 am to deliver some papers at 8:30, can't be easier than its 2 pm and i couldn't deliver the papers cause im missing this stupid one which had the generosity of not wanting to work today...

    i hate burocracy...


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      hey mad, any news about those books you ordered?

      do you want me to go down there and ask? torch the whole place down? go postal?

      Jan 11, 05 7:40 pm  · 

      actually Richard, i just sent them an e.mail about my books...yeah no news about my books yet, they told me to wait until jan 10, and if i haven't received them by then, they will re-send im waiting for the answer and hope they re-send my books... nah, dont torch the place down i like that bookstore and the AA, they're ok sometimes...hehehehe, but thanks anyway for the interest...i should complain in an entry again (to pressure them), actually im going to...

      Jan 12, 05 7:51 am  · 

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