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    By MADianito
    Oct 25, '04 7:18 AM EST

    So last weekend recap:

    friday: slept early @ home as a good boy after dealing w/the incompetence of the american express office (mainly fault of the branch @ Mexico City).

    Saturday: a little bit of beach and then partying at night, first at this barcelonian locals party, then we all got kicked out of the appartment by the cops (i hate this thing when cops come to finish all good parties in Barcelona), then to "plataforma" a club which plays 80's and 90's rock and pop music (grunge, indy, 80's pop, etc) which was very funny since i had a long time without seeing long-haired-flanneled-shirted-grungers partying in a club, anyway it was very funny and got back home around 7:30 (sunday morning).

    Sunday: tried to get out of bed for half the day and inally i did it around 5 pm, then ate, then read the article that was on the (EL PAIS) newspaper about Izaskun Chinchilla (my beloved teacher), and then for a coffee, and then listening music and talking with my friend Laura...

    (sunday was also a very nice day to go to the beach but i was exhausted so sorry people @ Delft, London, and even Zurich but no picture of the beach this time, but trust me, still is hot, i sweat daily walking to the institute under the sunrays)

    So after another crazy weekend @ Barcelona back in the Institute...
    Today session with Izaskun...yeah!!!

    what else?? oh tomorrow Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT will lecture at the UIC so i might go to check it out.

    here r some more pics of the studio space here...and my little corner of creativity...

    the gral view of the so called studio space...


    this is my little space in the IAAC universe...


    the good thing is that the place is huge and we r only 15 "researchers"...


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