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    first day?

    By MADianito
    Oct 1, '04 3:33 AM EST

    YEAH so finally we found a place yesterday... as my friend Gabriel just commented we went to the websites my insitute provides for getting accomodations here in barcelona...and we didn't found too much, well a couple but most of them in old buildings close to "La Rambla" and the "Gothic"quarter and everything else closer to the actula "university" which is exactly on the oposite side of barcelona that my school is...anyway, the thing is that we found a nice sunny flat yesterday at the Poble Nou area (a very nice area more catalunyan and whith not a lot of exchange students/tourists around, so we hopefully can move in next tuesday or wednesday...meanwhile im still at Kabul hostel..u might want to try it out if ur looking for a fun place to stay at Barcelona, right in "La Rambla", so meanwhil i get all my gear setted up guys wouldn't be too many pictures and i hope sometime middle next week i can put some of all the images i alreay have for meanwhile today is my first day!!! woooha!"!! lets see how it goes... anyway tak to u guys later

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    • Gabriel Duarte

      Thanks for the quotation!

      God luck with your new home and soon!



      Oct 1, 04 6:08 am  · 

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