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    dont tell me about blood pt.2

    By MADianito
    Feb 2, '05 10:39 AM EST

    So this r the lectures for this friday...somehow we r going to have a marathon....u r all invited this r open public lectures:

    Friday 4th Feb

    18.30h >> ffvp Architects, Barcelona
    Carlos Puig + Frank Fernández + Xavi Vancells

    20.00h >> ADD Architects, Barcelona
    Manuel Bailo + Rosa Rull

    21.30h >> Round table with Manuel Gausa

    and ok...heres how u look after spending the night at the hospital with ppl looking inside ur finger, and i wish i brought my camera 2 the hospital cause was ridiculous how much stuff i was on (wires, tubes, bandages, weelchair) just by cutting my hand...and tendon...(is funny how im becoming a true blogger who wishes 2 document anything i find interesting to share w the "comunity")

    enjoy my disgrace



    • man, that sucks! i hope you recover soon!

      Feb 2, 05 1:23 pm  · 

      clearly a chick magnet [that thing around your hand that is....]

      Feb 2, 05 1:25 pm  · 

      well ted if u think that i cut the tendon of my middle finger which maybe i wont be able to flex it ever again....would that also be a chick magnet???

      but keeping it more serious i noticed more attention from the female sector of the studio...its that maternal instinct that girls have...

      i love it!!!

      Feb 2, 05 4:03 pm  · 

      just trying to put a bit of sunshine on a really nasty thing. i am convinced crisis and turmoil always brings out the best of human nature. somehow it allows us to remeber how nice people really are.

      Feb 3, 05 12:50 pm  · 
      Mason White

      Get well soon Mad-man!!
      i love your schoolblog, keep it up, but be more careful fishing in the fridge in the dark, dude.

      Feb 6, 05 9:06 pm  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      MAD wish you a soon recovery. Hey try to keep in touch with that Doctor. They tend to be single and lots of fun. Spanish average marriage age is 28-32; but you should know this since you are a Metapolis boy.
      PS: Zoë and I nos vamos para Todos Santos en Marzo.

      Feb 7, 05 10:01 am  · 

      hey! you havent posted in quite a few days... i hope you are ok!

      Feb 13, 05 5:15 am  · 

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