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Sep '04 - May '12

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    By MADianito
    Sep 10, '04 10:11 PM EST

    So..after spending all my week trying to finish my thesis (i did it, i printed it and have all the copies i need, etc.), its finally friday expecting a very (cultural) interesting weekend, seems that at some point during this weekend im going to be invited to visit one of the newest projects of Javier Senosiain (the self-named bio-architect of México), i dunno, i have always wondered what's going on in this guy mind, some ppl hate his work, some others love it....i...i been always interested about his work, and i myself have to confess i had done a couple of school projects as the stuff he does, i dunno sometimes seems cooler than a concrete building/house that has no relation at all with humans that r going to be the "users"...anyway, i was invited by this very beautyfull person i met a couple of months back, and she actually lives in one of this guy's houses (we r going to see other one), so i dunno, i will have pictures for u guys if i do the visit at the end. also i want to visit this artist-instalation in the facade of the Carrillo Gil museum in México city...i haven't been there, and no one has told me anything about it, but i received the invitation for the opening a couple of weeks back and i have to say it reminded me a lot to the drawings of Lebbeus i will have pictures of that too...meanwhile, i have to going to have a MOJITOS night @ Bar Milan (lol, mojitos a cuban drink, in a bar called Milan, in Mexico city...hahaha talking about globality)...cheers....enjoy the images.

    first, this is the house of the girl that invited me to visit the BIO ARCHITECT (yeah some people call her the TELETUBBIE)


    and MADianito happy cause he's going out to have some drinks tonight after a hard working week!!!


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