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Sep '04 - May '12

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    Monica Potvin's WEB NEIGHBORHOOD

    By MADianito
    Oct 30, '04 10:04 AM EST

    projects from the seminar:

    Proposal: Monica Potvin

    collaborators: Mariano Arias-Diez + Dinko Peracic

    The social scene”¦”¦
    how many ways has the nature of our interactions evolved in the past century. Whether we admit it or not, our desire to feel connected to others has always been the underlying factor for most technological advancements in communication such as the telephone and internet. The telephone for instance has been used to enhance social participation, not discourage it. If people use the Internet mainly for communication with others through email, chats”¦.for social contact, they might be expanding their number of friends and reducing difficulty of coordinating interaction with them as well. In truth it seems that we are spending enormous amounts of time actually communicating over the web. Resulting in less time spent with family and friends. Our physicality with others is seemingly diminished”¦The Internet hopefully will not create a nation of strangers but rather a nation richer in friendships and social relationships as the web enables us to organize our gatherings, work, services, parties”¦.

    This proposal”¦.symbols to add to our already condensed email messages”¦ for playfulness.. and added sentiment”¦but also in order to synthesize needed communication in order to spend less time over the computer”¦and more time with our loved ones”¦This would be developed as a new language”¦a web language”¦This is of course an experimental, idealistic approach to the problem of asocial behavior”¦but it is still yet a worthy proposal.

    The goal is to develop symbols that represent text and feelings to be used within emails or text messaging. These symbols will speed up web communication and help relay messages faster in order to not overly extend our time spent over a computer”¦ The best form of communication will always be in person and with little need for words.

    first some more concept development on what and how symbols can be used in 'digital' comunications

    then defining some rules on what a symbol should be developed in order to become an effective and used tool by a comunity or something in a larger scale

    then analyzing the way people express themselves in a regular conversation

    and then developing a whole new device based on the idea than in comunicating there are 3 senses left to no task, and then integrating them into comunication

    //TEXT: Monica Potvin
    //ILUSTRATIONS + INTERPRETATION: Dinko Peracic & Mariano Arias-Diez
    //MODEL: Peter Jenni

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