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    By MADianito
    Oct 5, '04 7:24 AM EST

    So, first sessions, the recap....

    friday intro sessions, and we were told how everything works around here, so basically, we r going to be treated more as a researchers than students, at least thats the interest of the people running this master.

    We will be doing and investigation about the impacts and actual potentials of the eastern europe countries after they just joined the European Union, specifically Croatia and Slovenia. We will be researching/proposing/designing basing our proposals in the potencials we might find in the area (economical, industrial, touristic, etc).

    we are 14 "researchers" from different backgrounds and nationalities (swiss, germans, croatians, slovenian, mexicans, colombians, italians and greeks).

    Last night we all did a short presentation of our portfolio to the im quite impressed there's people here with a lot of good work already and this would be a great group to work with...

    ok anyway guys, im going to post some pics at soon as i configuire this machine with my camera software....or maybe from moving in to my new appment tonight...

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