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    rotterdam biennale + instant australia

    By MADianito
    Jan 26, '05 11:46 AM EST

    so...mmhh besides been working this week on the project about tarragona, we also received the program and/or characteristics of the work we r going to be asked for the rottaredma biennale which is going to be part of all the analisis we alreayd been doing for the Tarragona project...

    the Rotterdam Biennale this year is going to deal with the topic of "water" whatever that involves/mean 2 years ago was MOBILITY i saw it and it was very interesting.... we pretty much will adress the topics of tourism and the spanish coast and how tourism affects the territory...(more on this later)

    also, 2 days ago a guy came to give a concert of Dijeridoo (is that the right spell???), cool instrument, never really saw someone playing it at such a close range of me... its a powerfull sound and its amazing also how much they can make different tones/noises with the same "stick"....

    mmmhhh... yeah and today im back working and just came back from lunch... here's an image to show this architectural cliche...we architects always have to draw something when we talk....even if ur talking about politics (like this sketch)....

    Luis Falcon's sketch about european union politics during lunch time:

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