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    Mariano Arias' VIRTUALleisure

    By MADianito
    Oct 30, '04 11:13 AM EST

    projects from the seminar:

    VIRTUAL leisure
    Proposal: Mariano Arias-Diez
    collaborators: Loredana Modugno + Nektarios Kefalogiannis

    By the understanding of a neighborhood network as the relationship between certain group of individuals [nodes] and the relationship that can exist between each others [links].

    This project aims to give proper use to the “in between” areas generated by the remaining spaces of this exchange of information [network]. This “in between spaces” have enough potential to be used and become public areas of leisure, amusement and entertainment according to the common [leisure] interest that might be found for a specific community.

    This collective [leisure] space would be built up (in physical shape and virtual form) by the input of the leisure activities brought up by the same individuals of the neighborhood generating that way activities according to the specific kind of tribes that inhabit that community and founding more ways to interrelate between them.

    The way to realize this would be by the generation of a prototype for a “virtual reality booth” that can be accesed by anyone in this community and the same time everyone can share their “experiences” there, and download them to a database for the use of others in the community. Like a video bank which will allow you to “experience” in a virtual reality environment different activities inputted by other members of the community that can have relationship with the preferences of others.

    This booth would have to be able to both be placed in the outside spaces so it has to be as a very small and minimal “work station” easy to clean and with enough room for a monitor, a cpu, a place to seat and space to hold the virtual reality helmet and additional hardware it would require.

    The idea is to place this booths or workstations in physical open/collective spaces of the community and download or upload experiences there, and that way keep the real interaction in a collective space between individuals of a same community, and also later be capable to log in from home too from your home terminal.

    a conceptual first stage image

    nomadic-ludic concept

    basic plans and sections of the proposed virtual reality booth


    //TEXT: Mariano Arias-Diez
    //ILUSTRATIONS + INTERPRETATION: Loredana Modugno + Nektarios Kefalogiannis


    • archanonym

      I have to say that I am happy to see you guys at IaaC are taking initiatives about their academic paths. Having experienced IaaC first hand and knowing the directors and the professors, I have to say that I am surprised to see any form of intelligence coming out of IaaC. I would even place IaaC at the worst of the worst of architecture school in the world, even shocked to see that the directors have the courage to continue this year. But having said that, I am happy to see that the students push themselves and have done projects that I can see heading into interesting directions. Congratulations. I know not to give credits to the teaching faculty because i know how poor and inadequate it is, but congratulations to you guys.

      Nov 2, 04 4:47 pm  · 

      yeah we know how many troubles they had at least last year, but hey...hoe r we aproaching this year is that students make the reputation of every school (AA, SCI-Arc, Columbia, etc) its all about the work the students develop, and of course based on u trusting ur teachers, tutors, etc., i personally think that directors and/or teachers here are very capable, and its a totally other thing how is this organized, i know this is a very young program (is only the 4 or 5 year) so it has a lot of "black holes" yet, but its up to us the students to make this year a good work, and that also how we see it so, we wont be let down by any other comments from past years...

      Its funny the other day talking to other girl who was here last year too...she was even amazed that we all (the people enrolled in the program this year) went out together (partying together) anyways maybe that also had a lot to do with last year failure, this whole program is based on working as a team (as in most of architectural real situtations) specially because u adress problems of a larger scale than just the single house, single egocentrical building that any architect and architecture student want to design so he can show-off his/her talent, so..u just have to get into that meantality of teamwork, and work together to make this program succesfull.....

      im sorry that u got that impression from the institute but seems last year was the worst of the 5 years of the program (told me by students not professors and/or teachers), so anyway, hope ur now over it, and continuing ripping!...bests...

      Nov 3, 04 5:27 am  · 

      No, i am not over it. And it is not a matter of the students. Yes I agree that the students attitude towards the program is important, but if the bases of the program is a lie, then we are simply cheated. Only a couple of the professors can actually speak understandable english (so why are they selling the program as an english program, well, god knows!) They were almost always late, if the classed were not cancelled. I am happy to hear that you guys are doing what you can out of the program but just one question, if it is so dependent on the students and their capabilities, why do you need iaac? I don't mean to discourage you, but to discourage those perspective students in the future. the organizers (namely the directors) of the program are incapable of this job, and this will influence the program greatly, independent of how great the students are. So if you have a lot of money, well, donate it to charity, otherwise, choose wisely. good luck with your year. i sincerely hope it is the last.

      Nov 3, 04 4:30 pm  · 

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