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    dont tell me about blood...

    By MADianito
    Feb 1, '05 6:32 AM EST

    last night summary....
    after 2 nights of barely sleeping, i was for the first time in days early at home, had a nice dinner and was reading a book with a glass of milk and butter cookies...ok time to sleep...taking the glass and cookies to the kitchen..

    try to open the kitchen door w/lights off, crash, the glass shattered in pieces, my hand hurts, turn on the lights, blood all over...f*ck, is that my finger???, fuck... millions of napkins to stop the bleeding...i think this would be a'right in the morning, i just need to wash it.... mmhhh nah somehow this looks pretty deep, and the bleeding dont stop...ok lets go to the hospital again (2nd time in a month, 31 r becoming scary for me), hospital, emergency room, doctor... she takes a look at my cut, she seems to play with it... fuck i had never seen so many colors before when i got dizzy...ok, so, anhestesia, more blood, all the cutters glues and shit of doctors...oh yeah, by the way, u cutted ur tendon too...great....waked up this morning in the hospital with the whole arm inmovilized...

    f*ck...who says drafting models is the only way an architect can stand blood???, nah u can do it also after milk and cookies

    will post a pic soon for u sicko's

    my hand hurts.....
    (i met a hot doctor this morning, she had the best eyes)

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    • Francisco David Boira

      MAD wish you a soon recovery. Hey try to keep in touch with that Doctor. They tend to be single and lots of fun. Spanish average marriage age is 28-32; but you should know this since you are a Metapolis boy.
      PS: Zoë and I nos vamos para Todos Santos en Marzo.

      Feb 7, 05 8:48 am  · 

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