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    Design Inspiration

    By MADianito
    Apr 6, '12 11:52 AM EST

    These days there is plenty of "Design Inspiration" websites, blogs & tumblr, etc.... but i can't understand why all of this "design inspiration" websites show only other designs and finished products, basically consequences of someone else's inspirations, isn't that a bit odd for you? or rather i say, isn't that a bit stupid?

    Design Inspiration? show me sun, clouds, light, nature, the tones of a lake, a river stream, handcraft tools, the grass in the hills, the beauty of a feline running free.

    I also remember architecture magazines used to be spaces for critic ('critique') & reflexion, but today (and i think this is a sign of our times, meaning this shows us somehow the ideology of today's society), seems every "architecture magazine" is just a tendencies & style magazine.... so boring and predictable.

    Now wonder why they say "printed media" is dying.... 

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    • willhon

      Inspiration is what moves you.  It can come from a finished product or not.  To me, inspiration is finding beauty in something.  That beauty drives me to innovate and create something new and make it my own.  It activates.  Showing someone else's inspiration may or may not drive you.  Showing you their final work may or may not inspire you.  The idea is to, in a way, "consume" as much design and stimuli as possible in order to initiate that motivation to create.  Sometimes that inspiration can come from someone's linking of ideas, but it always comes from yourself.  I agree, I would like to see how people link their ideas and from what they were motivated.  But it is not a requirement to be inspired.

      Unfortunately, magazines are a business that needs to sell ad space to generate revenue.  One way to do this is to "feature" an architect's work in return for them buying ad space in the magazine.  It becomes a tough sell to then critque this work, as sometimes the architect gets to proof the article before print.  Magazines are no longer about reflection as it is about money.  The articles advertise the work next to the ad that advertises the architect.  The system is biased.


      Don't be too cynical though.  That promotion of ideas and work is good.  Again, this is my opinion of consumption of ideas.  A new form of reflection is available and we are actively participating in it.

      Apr 6, 12 1:59 pm  · 

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