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Sep '04 - May '12

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    By MADianito
    Sep 29, '04 4:23 PM EST

    sorry guys i havent said too much lately, i got to barcelona a couple days ago and i've been trying to get an appment this week so im veeeeeeery tired and staying at a hostelk with (with sorry to my friend Gabriel at Delft) has been suddenly swamp by brazilians who really dont understand the concept of sharing the few computers we "all" have for free at the hostel...anyway i hope i will get an appment soon andi will post more calm there...ok meanwhile i can tel u im lovin' it first day is next friday... so see u then

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    • Gabriel Duarte

      Hey Mariano...don't worry! I'm aware that some of us (Brazilians) are exactly the best samples of manking and civility around. HEHEHEHE
      And regarding your apartment search. I remember looking around the housing links provided by IAACAT and seeing some very good offers.
      I was checking it with my girlfriend who wants to go there next year.
      Well, I don't remember the links, but I found them at the Master sections of IAACAT's website. In comparison to NL all offers were f... great and all available for no extra free! Check it out!

      Keep posting on how things go down there.
      Good luck!!!


      Sep 30, 04 4:56 am  · 

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