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    " back in the ussr..." (or iaac)

    By MADianito
    Jan 5, '05 10:04 AM EST

    Ok so, after had my allergic reaction with shrimps during the new years' celebration, pretty much i decided to go back to my element, ha!, so yeah, back again to work, think, dream, etc...

    So, mmhh thinking about my urban proposal for next week (a very general idea yet, that we have to show next week), and also, and i most say this loud, im freakin' MAD, since i had been waiting for some books i ordered from the AA BOOKSTORE, and i haven't received, of course complete ignoring of my complains via e.mail by the ppl working down there included...
    ok so, i ordered my books the first week of December, and they said that they shipped it on Dec 10... ok, so London to Barcelona???, even for the holiday season...would take a month to get here????, anyways, i hope i can get my books soon...(something told me to buy them in amazon instead)

    what else??? nothing much, just send u my new years postcard, and keep ur eyes open for my ideas of the urban plan in the next posts... happy new year to all, hope all ur dreams for next year come true...


    P.S. my architectonical whish for this year is that finally Kazuyo Sejima gets the Pritzker Prize (i thought she was going to get it before the f@7 lady who wears Miyake)

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