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  • Swedish By Distraction

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 24, '05 9:00 PM EST

    In lieu of a final paper and project for Toshiko's class I've been working on a project for the Swedish Trade Council with a group of six other people*. We've basically been hired by the consulate of Sweden to help introduce the new wave of Swedish furniture and product design to the North... View full entry

  • Hobby Shop?

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 22, '05 12:47 AM EST

    For all the wonderfulness that MIT produces, it's a physically weird place. How can the preeminent research institution in the United States have posting boards in the infinite hallway that look, with their construction paper and scalloped edges, like they belong in an elementary school classroom?... View full entry

  • Small Breakdancer Wanted

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 15, '05 7:58 AM EST

    We're working on a project in one of my electives that requires the use of Pergo flooring products so they sent us a small shipment for testing. Wanting to know how durable this stuff is before we put it on the floor in the Javits center, I decided to install a small swath of it in studio where... View full entry

  • Blatant Procrastination

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 12, '05 2:31 AM EST

    For the open house last Friday we had a dog and pony show of a crit which resulted in many people producing models and such just to have something to show. I jumped straight into a model that is now a little overbearing but rethinking it is proving to be more formidable a task than I had expected... View full entry

  • 17 Frogs in a Bucket and other Adventures

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 3, '05 10:30 PM EST

    Back from a very brief Spring Break and honestly not all that ready to begin working again. Summer, you can't arrive soon enough. It was, however, nice to get out of Cambridge for a while and enjoy the good food and weather of my home state, California. Visiting my mom and her family on the farm... View full entry

  • New project: 100

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 21, '05 11:02 PM EST

    Our next project has begun. It's a smallish museum/think tank building sited at Brandeis University a few minutes outside of Cambridge. As usual, on the site visit I was more interested in the textures than anything else. I never really turn this fascination with the micro into anything... View full entry

  • You Know You're in an Architect's House When...

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 19, '05 11:41 PM EST

    A drafting brush shows up in your kitchen*......Or you find a tape measure in your medicine cabinet......Or empty bottles of whiskey appear underneath your Eames chair in the wake of a party.*not my kitchen! View full entry

  • Jacques Speaks, People Flock

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 19, '05 9:14 PM EST

    Yesterday we had a public lecture by Jacques Herzog and it was easily the most popular lecture we've had all year. GSD Students are allowed into the auditorium early, but I arrived 45 minutes before the start of the lecture and the main auditorium had already filled up! Not only that, but the... View full entry

  • City of... Naps?

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 16, '05 7:58 PM EST

    The good news is that my studio critic was sympathetic to the fact that none of us slept last night and had no work for today and thus canceled class for the day. The bad news is that I'm so used to sleeping in fits and starts that I can't get more than a 4-5 hour nap in without waking up and... View full entry

  • Past Lives

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 15, '05 4:56 AM EST

    Time is not told so much by the hands of a clock as it is by number of times you've listened to the CD playing on repeat, or the hunger in your stomach, or the rising of the sun... A friend reminded me that in 2000 I wrote about being a founding member of an internet company and after reading a... View full entry

  • Enter The City of Wood

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 15, '05 4:14 AM EST

    After a weekend spent dotting out a Morse Code of sleep-eat-sleep-sleep-eat, Monday brings another long night in studio. Tonight's assignment: the City of Wood final project. We've been drawing details all semester and now we must construct models, both physical and digital. I wish my City of Wood... View full entry

  • Escalators, be gone!

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 13, '05 4:24 PM EST

    Friday was the final crit for our first studio project of the semester and I haven't spoken to a single person who is sad to see the project go. We've had enough designing with escalators to tide us over for quite a while.The Escalatron: A creature built out of escalators waiting to be inserted... View full entry

  • Gorgonzola Catfish Pizza

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 7, '05 11:26 AM EST

    Some comic genius posted this sign on the door into the studio near the microwave on the fifth tray. I've been laughing about this for days.Elsewhere a battle is played out between oddly aggressive maintenance staff with dubious english skills and dubiously motivated design students aggressive bic... View full entry

  • Rectangular Objects

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 3, '05 4:36 PM EST

    ML brought a fancy hotpot that boils water faster than I knew it could be boiled. Tea is saving me a good chunk of cash previously flowing straight to Starbucks.This weekend I sent off a few things via Fedex via this drop box halfway between school and my house. Bryan ♥ Fedex. View full entry

  • Vice

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 1, '05 2:18 PM EST

    A small survey of favored vices in studio late on a Sunday night. After the midreview yesterday the general feeling was: why does today seem like Friday? That's not an encouraging way to start the week. View full entry

  • Hiroshi Ishii on Ambient Interfaces

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 26, '05 1:54 PM EST

    Having waived out of the Digital Media class, I'm taking Toshiko Mori's Innovations in Structures as an elective this semester. The class is set up as a series of guest lectures to increase the dialog between architects and engineers. According to Mori, this class is, in some respects, a... View full entry

  • The Crafting of Weapons

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 26, '05 12:24 PM EST

    In the vacuum of Beer & Dogs (a weekly event that makes the trays smell like cheap pork products) yesterday, I ran into M.arch I AP student WILL WHEATON wandering the second tray with a beer in his hand and a vicious gleam in his eyes. I'm not sure if it was the beer or a deeper, more... View full entry

  • No foam, no algebra

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 23, '05 3:06 PM EST

    After spending some time working on functional code to modify the way lofting works in C4d, I began pursuing some more frivolous pursuits. The following images were generated by lofting together randomly generated splines. There's more information and a brief code sample on my site. While these... View full entry

  • Dietz's Dwelling House Construction

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 15, '05 9:43 PM EST

    Suspiciously dedicated thus: This book is dedicated to Ross Francis Tucker, whose interest in young men and construction left an indelible mark on the personnel of the industry. View full entry

  • Hello, navel.

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 13, '05 3:34 AM EST

    Googling for Harvard GSD returns this weblog as the #3 result. So, hello googlers, and let me show you some things that have little to do with the GSD:This dead sticky bear thing is hereby named the Ben B. Memorial Computer Bear. Someone left it on one of the lab computers and he seems to have... View full entry

  • Busy on April 15th & 16th?

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 8, '05 9:51 PM EST

    Its almost 10pm and I should be detailing wall sections for my wood construction class, City of Wood, but instead I'm finishing up the website for what promises to be a fantastic conference we're hosting at the GSD in April.Website: LOOPHOLES between Discourse & Practice A conference at the... View full entry

  • Spring Studio begins

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 7, '05 9:30 PM EST

    The gods are speaking to me and they are saying: lay down thy mouse; shun thy nurb, loft, and pixel; embrace thy graphite. First semester I had the one critic who favors hand drawing and this semester I have Kelly Wilson, a critic who not only favors hand drawing but also teaches the first... View full entry

  • Useful book for starting arch students

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 3, '05 3:24 PM EST

    When I was TA'ing architecture history classes at RISD I told our students that the act of digging through books to look up plans and sections is a useful activity, but now there's a great book for all of your intro arch. history needs: Richard Weston's Key Buildings of the 20th Century features... View full entry

  • Email Help For current GSD students

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 3, '05 3:11 PM EST

    How to route your GSD email to gmail and never have to deal with (not so) Silky Mail anymore. As an added bonus this will neatly sweep all of the student-announce messages into a folder that you never have to check unless you're bored.Go to Websieve and log inClick "forward mail".Type your gmail... View full entry

  • Spring begins

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 2, '05 3:28 AM EST

    Desks are assigned tomorrow, so today was cleaning and packing.You asked, and I'm delivering. Here's a shot of my wax project from a while ago. Not very exciting... there were much better pieces in the review.Some of the thesis presentation were conducted in early January and I managed to snap... View full entry

  • FOA @ GSD

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 2, '05 3:23 AM EST

    This semester Farshid Moussavi is teaching one of the options studios and to kick of the semester FOA has turned the lobby into a disco lounge.One wall features a bunch of patterns (haven't found the explanation for these yet) and the other is comprised of pages that are essentially taken from the... View full entry

  • Green snow?

    By bryan boyer
    Jan 24, '05 4:01 PM EST

    We've all been warned about the yellow snow, I've seen black ice, but today I discovered something new: green snow. The first thing that occurred to me is that someone had gone around mixing colors by combining blue dye and, shall we say, naturally yellow snow. I think I'll just stay inside until... View full entry

  • What They Actually Mean

    By bryan boyer
    Jan 21, '05 7:07 AM EST

    Finally, totally, and officially done with the semester. I didn't plan on sending the winter break recovering from a cold, but I've managed to catch a one in the last week of rushing to recreate work that was lost on my laptop (Smokey says, "remember to back up!"). If there is one lesson that I... View full entry

  • Downtime

    By bryan boyer
    Jan 13, '05 5:57 PM EST

    While in theory it seems nice to have studio final crit before the finals for all of our other classes-- thus letting us focus on history papers and drawings assignments and such-- in reality it's not so great to be back in Boston right now. The spring semester doesn't officially start until the... View full entry

  • Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 22, '04 6:13 PM EST

    With our final crit for core studio yesterday the semester feels like it's officially over. But it's not. Harvard has this awkward schedule where you have final studio crits before the holiday break but then come back and have final classes and such in January. After the crit last night we went... View full entry

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