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    The Crafting of Weapons

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 26, '05 12:24 PM EST

    In the vacuum of Beer & Dogs (a weekly event that makes the trays smell like cheap pork products) yesterday, I ran into M.arch I AP student WILL WHEATON wandering the second tray with a beer in his hand and a vicious gleam in his eyes. I'm not sure if it was the beer or a deeper, more destructive impulse that encouraged him to bring it up, but WILL began recounting stories of fashioning weapons in studio during his ugrad below the Mason-Dixon. This is no prison-shiv, mind you, but a well crafted, precise instrument of destruction. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the xacto dart:

    "It's the twist that makes it fly straight," WHEATON insists. He was also careful to note that "even if you get hit, they don't go that deep."


    • David Cuthbert

      I still have a nick in the back of my head from one....permanent (I'll get you velcro bwoy wherever you and your golf clubs are!!)

      Feb 28, 05 2:23 pm  · 
      Tom Denney

      great like a charm. I have actually become proficient at flicking two, underhand, from the same hand. the underhand flick is nice as nobody notices your draw-back. the was I site someone told me about a contest for the best office weapons...the winner was a paperclip claymore.

      Feb 28, 05 5:10 pm  · 

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