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    Jacques Speaks, People Flock

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 19, '05 9:14 PM EST

    Yesterday we had a public lecture by Jacques Herzog and it was easily the most popular lecture we've had all year. GSD Students are allowed into the auditorium early, but I arrived 45 minutes before the start of the lecture and the main auditorium had already filled up! Not only that, but the spill-over telecast rooms were standing room only. I ended up getting a seat-- on the heater in the back of the war room.

    The man himself, answering questions after the body of his presentation.

    The sound was horrible on the telecast (like it always is) and the school seems to have totally underestimated the need for more space. It may be a blow to our ego, but I think we need to host lectures like this elsewhere on campus in an appropriately sized auditorium.

    The doors were actively guarded by two security people before the lecture started. You had to show your ID to get in early, but when i showed up the auditorium was already full and no one else was being allowed in.

    What I enjoyed most about the lecture was seeing the diagrams that HDM is using to explain their more complicated projects like the beijing stadium. While their study models and final drawings are well published, I don't think I've seen many process drawings before so it was nice to see that last night. Although it's causing something of a rift in the cultural waters of San Francisco, I'm very excited to see the De Young open in October. SF needs some new architectural blood and hopefully this will be just the right thing.

    Idling black Town Car with driver. Wonder who that's for...


    • nervoussystem

      hey I just got accepted to the MArch I and I was wondering when would be a good time to swing by the GSD. I'm at MIT and we have spring break now but I am using you do not. Do you have any idea if people can just show up at the GSD and get a tour/observe a crit?

      Mar 20, 05 9:48 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      Not sure about that... contact the admissions office and they'll tell you. We don't have any crits between now and friday, when Spring break starts, or I'd recommend you to stop by. Congrats!

      Mar 20, 05 10:25 am  · 
      the righteous fist

      do you think it's the same people trawling the lecture circuit who always get the front seats?

      Mar 20, 05 6:04 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      not sure what you mean... but the front was reserved for faculty with the exception of a few students who snuck in and stole the empty seats.

      Mar 20, 05 6:08 pm  · 

      the gsd really needs to work something out with harvard.. i'm sure there are bigger venues to host the koolhaases, the zahas, the jacques, etc. is it just that the architects can't walk too far from the trays? or is someone just not willing to coordinate with the university ahead of time?

      Mar 20, 05 10:59 pm  · 

      The biggest, non-athletic venue at Harvard is just across the street from the GSD, so it might make sense to host some talks there. But yes, that would probably involve too much coordination with some other aspects of the university to actually occur.

      Nervous System- the 2nd year M.Arch I's are having mid-term reviews on 4/7 - the day before the open house. If you can't wait that long, some students are having thesis mid-term reviews this week. Here's the link to the currently sparse schedule -

      Mar 21, 05 12:04 am  · 

      another question, which i should probably already know the answer to but have no idea about

      how big is the first MArch I class usually?

      Mar 21, 05 8:35 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      60ish? I think this year it was 63.

      Mar 21, 05 8:43 pm  · 

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