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Sep '04 - Aug '08

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    Board Sale!

    By bryan boyer
    Sep 15, '04 6:18 PM EST

    We all know that architecture is not cheap, but it always surprises me at the beginning of the semester how much money I spend on supplies. This year we're only at $40 so far, all of which I spent today on a pretty clean second hand drawing board with borco attached. My friends think I'm weird because I forgo the mayline in favor of a tsquare but I don't plan on drawing that much by hand anyways.

    phonecam shot of the board sale frenzy in action. No elbows were thrown, but the board sale was definitely a bit of a shark tank: no one wants to get left with a crappy board.

    While it does result in relatively cheap equipment for incoming students, the people organizing this board sale are pretty shrewd. Surely the boards are left over in studio by graduates eager to get on with their summer and their life after school, so this operation is pure profit.


    • jbc

      "I don't plan on drawing that much by hand anyways"

      Well, I hope you don't get Marco Steinberg (fall) or Kelly Wilson (spring) as studio critics, since they both mostly require drawing by hand. If you do get either of them, buy a mayline. It'll be worth it.

      Sep 16, 04 1:16 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      "they both mostly require drawing by hand"

      Thought that might happen. Thanks for the heads up.

      Sep 16, 04 1:46 pm  · 

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