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    Gorgonzola Catfish Pizza

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 7, '05 11:26 AM EST
    Some comic genius posted this sign on the door into the studio near the microwave on the fifth tray. I've been laughing about this for days.

    Elsewhere a battle is played out between oddly aggressive maintenance staff with dubious english skills and dubiously motivated design students aggressive bic pens.

    The laser cutters have a tickle mode?

    Last week I baked cookies for studio. Baking cookies is like meditation, but it tastes better.


    • archetecton

      back at UVA, the elevator had a backlit milkglass ceiling with t5's behind. every once in a while, students slip a chipboard cut out of a big rat up there. guests and profs. would totally freak out every time. *sigh* to be in school again.

      BTW, i applied to the GSD and would like to do some homework on the best places to live and where to avoid. any suggestions, BB?

      Mar 7, 05 12:28 pm  · 

      great post....keep up the good work

      Mar 7, 05 2:12 pm  · 

      can we pay this guy to post blog entries forever?

      Mar 8, 05 7:44 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      archetecton- so, harvard square obviously... a lot of people seem to live in the chauncy st area which is towards porter or down cambridge a bit which is towards inman sq. If you live in inman you'll be 15 minutes away and it has a nice assortment of restaurants and such. some people live further afield, which is certainly cheaper, but at least one of those people I know spends a lot of nights sleeping on the couches at school because it's easier than going across the river to his apt. ouch.

      Mar 8, 05 9:47 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      brian - come on what's in the cookies. Green chips? hint hint looks good and always enjoy your posts

      Mar 8, 05 10:39 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      Oatmeal and raisins... and they come out of the oven to rest on a light bed of sea salt. Used to get Salty Oat cookies at Specialties bakery when I was interning at SOM SF and I was craving one last week.

      Mar 8, 05 3:31 pm  · 

      Bryan, such a domestic ! the cookies look great. Thanks for the apartment advice. I keep hoping that if i prepare myself for moving to Boston for school, it will help the process along, and i will find a pretty little envelope in my mailbox....

      Mar 9, 05 10:47 am  · 

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