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    (Almost) Paper Perfection

    By bryan boyer
    Sep 26, '04 10:56 PM EST

    One of the things that helped cement my decision to come to the GSD was visiting the reception for admitted students in the Spring. When visiting columbia I was given a cold welcome and told to "wander around and ask one of the students if you want an opinion." The person who 'welcomed' me to the school didn't even know if they had a woodshop and where it would be.

    By way of contrast, the GSD's open house was extremely well organized-- to a fault even, tyring to cover many aspects of the school's pedagogy and introduce us to the opportunities here. Despite being a little overwhelmed but the sheer amount of information, it was really helpful when making a decision about which school to commit to.

    In addition to the various presentations, the GSD provided a copy of the student handbook. This document is more of a tome than a book and provides information on subjects ranging from which local banks are reputable to suggestions about surviving studio life. Like the open house not all of the information was useful, but the volume of it and the attempt to cover all bases is something I greatly appreciate.

    At a school which is so good about disseminating information it's quite a surprise when something goes missing. What boggles my mind is that the website contains tutorials on how to use every piece of equipment in the shop but no one ever gave us a schedule of classes. It's not like one can't piece it together from the course catalog, but still it seems like a stange omission that every other school I've attended has delivered. In the end, maybe it's more useful to have a list of delivery pizza places anyways.

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