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    Muy Frio!

    By bryan boyer
    Nov 9, '04 6:22 AM EST

    Thanks for turning off the heat at night, adminstration. That feels real nice from about 3-5am when the thermal lag is wearing off and the sun still isn't up.

    This entry sponsored by the laser cutter-- I hate waiting for you, but I love what you do for me.


    • Francisco David Boira

      Bryan, you should ask Columbia's blogger "Colins" about laser cutter dilemas.
      This past weekend one of the laser cutters was burnt to the ground thanks to a newbie who tried to cut foam core. I bet he had the thing moving supper slow at 100 % power! Nice...very nice.

      Nov 9, 04 5:23 pm  · 

      When you don't sit under the trays, the personal space heater is a key to surviving the winter at the GSD.

      Nov 10, 04 1:50 am  · 

      I went to school in Houston and they would turn off the AC in an attempt to cook us all. Imagine the smell of architecture students who haven't went home in two days combined with a temperature of 90 in the building.

      Nov 11, 04 12:39 pm  · 

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