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    The Laser Gods

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 16, '04 11:54 AM EST

    Here at the GSD we have an all-student mailing list eponymously named student-announce which is usually a mix of "who has such and such book checked out from the library", "anyone wanna sell me some plexiglas?", and general requests to be more cognizant that our bathrooms are, in fact, unisex. Thanks to the finals rush it has also been peppered with announcements on the status of our laser cutters, which is not great but at least the news is delivered in an entertaining fashion.

    And the laser gods have smitten us again.

    Laser 1 has a fried lens and mirror. To be fixed tomorrow. That's why everyone last night only saw the laser "etching and not cutting". Next time you all might want to look at the lens with the mirror to see if it is still intact. This puppy had a serious hole burrowed into it. That's why we have to clean the lens.

    Laser 2 is working. The plotter driver decided to take a vacation, but he is now back. However, Laser 2 seems to have the shift bug (kind of like #3 had). The technician will be in tomorrow.

    I know this has been a frustrating time for the laser cutters, so I am checking with management to see if we can set up a lasercutter version of the "Office Space" printer-beat-down-session after final reviews.

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