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    In which it Rains

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 7, '04 9:27 AM EST

    Rainy weather turns Gund Hall into a large scale, high stakes game of battleship. Is your computer safe? Would those drawings look better with some artistic splatters contributed by mother nature? After watching my buttmate's desk slowly become dotted with drops of water, I arrived to studio the next day with a new piece of furniture in our cube. At first I thought BB was developing some sort of archi-chuppa done out in plywood and plastic tarp in preparation for wedding himself to design, but the reality is much more prosaic: building services quickly dispatches these canopies to catch the leaks when they're identified.

    Hard to see here, but the grain of the plywood is in the wrong direction so the canopy sags and looks generally terrible. This seems like a good student design competition for next year. Can't we design a better emergency rain canopy than this?

    As promised before, studiomate TT has been developing a series of modifications to his desk which assist in organizing his many drawings and handouts. Extra points for repurposing assignments from our materials class to build these pieces.

    Personally, I think one of the best things you can do for yourself is buy a box of 100 xacto blades as it encourages you to change blades often. This, of course, introduces the problem of what to do with all of the spent blades.

    It wasn't until my second semester at RISD that I started spending enough time there to necessitate having a toothbrush in studio. Since then the survival kit has grown to include advil, bandaids, visine, and deoderant. What do you keep in your studio survival kit?

    Thanks to Muji for the perfectly sized travel toothpaste tubes.


    • bigness

      i love your blog. i simply love it.

      Dec 7, 04 11:46 am  · 

      Its good to hear that we dont' have the only leaking school of architecture. Lucky for us, the faculty on the 10th floor are the only ones who get wet. Great blog. I love the pics.

      Dec 7, 04 1:06 pm  · 

      that's nothing, in the winter of 96' a blizzard w/horrific wind managed to somehow penetrate the envelope of our school and wreck about 4 years of my work and a project - model - i was finishing up for an incomplete. that was the first time i actually heard voices in my head and thought i was going crazy...

      Dec 7, 04 1:33 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      gawd i miss school - and visiting the gund hall during the summer

      Dec 13, 04 3:26 pm  · 

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